Nanny Reportedly Had 'Vicious' Fight With Marina Krim Before Killings & The Truth Is Coming Out

There's an old saying about hiding in plain sight. Sometimes we look for something complex and hidden when, in fact, the truth is starkly, and plainly, before us. We just don't want to see it. And the truth about the motive in the Krim family nanny killings is beginning to look more like something plain and simple: The nanny hated the Krims. Or, at the very least, hated mother Marina Krim.

RadarOnline is reporting that Marina and her nanny, Yoselyn Oretega, had a "vicious" and "epic" argument the day before Yoselyn allegedly butchered her two children to death.


Law enforcement reportedly said:

Yoselyn also said that when she left at the end of the day before the murders, Marina ignored her when she said good-bye and this made her very, very angry ... Yoselyn also said she had numerous disagreements with Marina about how the kids were being cared for.

Reportedly in the weeks leading up to the children's deaths, Yoselyn had been warned that her job was in danger.

There were hints all along, of course, that Yoselyn's real target was Marina. There was the way she stabbed the children to death shortly before Marina was to come home -- father Kevin was out of state, so it was Marina she wanted to hurt. She also reportedly began stabbing herself as soon as Marina walked into the room. She wanted Marina to see all of this.

We also heard about how one of the things Marina began screaming when she found her bloodied children was, "I'm never speaking to her again!!!" I thought that was a strange thing to say, but figured that Marina was uttering incoherent gibberish. But it also sounded suspiciously like a woman in the middle of an argument with another woman and one of them finally went too far.

Also, Yoselyn had reportedly uttered, "Marina knows what happened," on the first day of questioning. Again this sounded like a beef between the two of them. My guess is that Yoselyn knew what would hurt Marina the most -- and that would be killing her children, not her.

Of course there are other questions to be answered and ones we may never quite know the answer to -- why didn't she just quit if she was so unhappy? How could she take her rage out on innocent children? We also can't discount the fact that Yoselyn could have been mentally imbalanced or had something physically wrong with her. But let's be honest -- do we offer up that excuse for everyone who kills? Do we say that the teen who shoots a man for his wallet is mentally imbalanced? Do we say the husband who kills his wife because he's having an affair is mentally imbalanced?

If we're going to say that Yoselyn Ortega was mentally imbalanced, what about everyone else who kills, including moms who kill their newborns so they can party with their boyfriends? Okay, maybe anyone who kills is mentally imbalanced. And maybe not. Maybe people just do really bad things sometimes.

Do you think the nanny hated Marina Krim?


Image via Tex Texan/Flickr

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