Nanny Accused in Krim Children's Killings Reportedly Deeply Resentful Toward Employers

bathroomThe more we learn about Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny accused of killing Lucia and Leo Krim, the more disturbing the story gets. As information leaks out we're starting to get an image of a disgruntled employee who may have taken her frustrations way too far. Now a law enforcement officer is saying that Ortega resented the Krims because "they were always telling her what to do."

Amazingly, while Ortega reportedly admits that she was in the bathroom with the children, she still has not confessed to their murders. And it gets weirder. She also reportedly gave police a strange detail that suggests the children's mother, Marina, may know the real story.


The source says Ortega told police detectives, "Marina knows what happened." She most likely means Marina Krim, her employer and the mother of the children. But what does she mean by that? Is it a hint that Marina knows more about Lucia and Leo's murder? Or is she saying Marina is hiding information about their relationship that would explain why Ortega would resort to killing the two children she cared for?

According to family members, the Krims had a great relationship with Yoselyn, but I'm starting to wonder. Sometimes you see what you want to see, and maybe they just missed signs that Yoselyn was angry with them. Or maybe they did see signs, but they didn't think it would ever amount to something as horrific as murder. And anyway, there aren't many employer-nanny situations that would justify something like this! If you're a sane person, you wouldn't murder kids because you're unhappy with your salary, or sick of doing laundry, or feeling under-appreciated. Even if Marina promised Yoselyn something -- a raise, or different kind of work -- that still would not explain, let alone justify these murders.

I don't know how Ortega could ever possibly spin this as being about her employers. I think this is still about her and her mental state. As for what "Marina knows," I guess police will have to ask her about that. And maybe Marina has some insights that she hasn't revealed to police yet -- or that haven't been revealed to the public yet.

Do you think there might be more to the Krim killings than mental illness combined with Yoselyn Ortega's resentment against her employers?


Image via john cooke/Flickr

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