640 Marijuana Lollipops at College Party Lead to One Big 'Jolly Lolly' Bust

marijuana lollipopsHalloween candy can be anxiety-inducing enough, but what would you do if your kid came home with a marijuana lollipop?

A Buffalo, NY man was reportedly caught throwing a party for college students with "chocolate-flavored marijuana, hard candy containing marijuana, 640 'Jolly Lolly' marijuana lollipops and 5 pounds of regular marijuana," the cop said. And everyone busted at the party -- at 4 p.m. -- was described as "extremely high." If they hadn't been busted, what was there to stop these kids from bringing that pot candy back to places where kids might find them?


The accused dealer, Alexander J. Zito, said he got the drugs for "medicinal purposes" in California, where it's legal under state law, and that he was a University of Buffalo graduate who wanted to go back for his masters. Cops found business cards saying he was the owner of a medical marijuana shop in San Diego.

In addition to the pot candy, police also seized $13,000 in cash, hashish and crack cocaine. That must have been some party.

Whatever you believe about the benefits and legality of medical marijuana, this guy was clearly abusing those laws to make a buck off college kids in New York, and that kind of irresponsible, criminal behavior is how people get hurt. What if a child had somehow come across one of those lollipops?

Pot candy is unsafe and is just an awful accident waiting to happen, and with Halloween right around the corner, it's even more important to know where your kids' candy is coming from.

What do you think should happen to people who sell marijuana candy?

Image via .v1ctor./Flickr

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