Children's Television Host Allegedly Molested Young Woman on Live TV (VIDEOS)

jimmy savileWhile we've got our plates full with an upcoming  election and a crazy storm on the east coast, our friends across the pond are watching a major sex scandal get creepier and more disturbing by the minute. Ugly stories continue to emerge that Jimmy'll Fix It and Top of the Pops host Jimmy Savile -- the U.K.'s answer to Dick Clark who died exactly one year ago today at the age of 84 -- allegedly sexually molested or raped many young women in the '60s and '70s.

One of the most chilling by far is that of Sylvia Edwards, who was a teen appearing in the Pops audience in 1976, and was touched inappropriately by Savile as 20 million viewers watched the live show. In a clip, she can be seen shrieking and struggling to escape while Savile smirks and says, “I tell you something, a fella could get used to this, as it ’appens, he really could get used to it.” Ughhhhhh! Yes, it is as disturbing as it sounds. If you can stomach it, the clip below ...



Right after the incident, Edwards reported what had happened to a BBC floor manager, but he replied, "Get lost -- it's just Jimmy messing about." And in the years following, she was understandably haunted by what happened.

But thankfully, Sylvia and many women like her are feeling brave enough to finally come forward with their horror stories. For instance, despite being told to keep her mouth shut by family members, Savile's great-niece, Caroline Robinson, came forward to say she had been molested by him twice by the age of 15.

There are also accusations that Savile was given keys and unsupervised access to patients -- including mentally and physically disabled patients -- at some hospitals. One patient came forward to say she was raped by Savile at a Buckinghamshire hospital called Stoke Mandeville while the star wore a T-shirt that read: "Sex Instructor, first lesson free." How completely, utterly sick and terrifying ...

Unfortunately, Savile's no longer around to be held accountable for these alleged atrocities. But perhaps these brave confessions and this new investigation can at least lead to justice in another way: By ensuring that anyone who corroborated his vile acts -- like perhaps rock star Gary Glitter who has been arrested in connection to the scandal -- be taken to task for the mental and emotional harm they undoubtedly helped to inflict on many victims.

Here's more info on the BBC's investigation into the allegations made against Savile ...

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