Nanny Suspected of Killing Krim Children Speaks Her First Words Since the Crime

Yoselyn OrtegaNanny Yoselyn Ortega woke from her coma over the weekend, but she didn't start talking until just a few hours ago. Even now, she is still not talking about the right things. In fact, her first words were about her own family and how they are. She has still not said a word about what happened in that Upper West Side Manhattan apartment last Thursday afternoon.

She has still not said a word about the tiny children she is suspected of stabbing to death in the bathtub.

The case has horrified parents across the country who can only imagine what Marina Krim must have felt upon returning home from swim lessons with her 3 1/2-year-old and finding her two other children bleeding to death in the bathroom. The fact is, nothing Ortega says could possibly explain this heinous act anyway.


As a mom, I spent the weekend thinking about this crime, my heart breaking for this family. I am not sure I have ever been so angry at a person suspected of a crime only because the betrayal is just so horrifying. Marina Krim trusted this woman with her precious babies and she hurt them. She is suspected of hurting completely defenseless children and leaving them to bleed to death in pain and fear.

What could she possibly SAY to help that? Could she say she "snapped" (as her sister suspects)? Maybe the children were being fussy and demanding and she lost it. Other speculation has questioned whether she had a momentary lapse in sanity (is that even possible?) and thought the children were possessed.

Still others wonder if the money troubles many news outlets have reported might have led to some simmering resentment about the comfort the Krim children enjoyed.

We may never know the real reason Ortega did what she did. But even if some of the speculation was correct, no "reason" would ever make sense. Hurting tiny children will never make sense to us.

This weekend, so much of what I read implied that we only care about these kids because they are wealthy and Caucasian. But I think it's something else. Most of us moms have trusted someone with our children at some point. Most of us have innocently believed that those people would have their best interest at heart.

This story tears at that notion and erodes the trust we have for our caregivers. Even the most trusted caregiver will now get a second glance.

I can safely say that this is a story I will remember forever and that the faces of beautiful Lucia and Leo Krim will be burned into my mind. My heart breaks for them and I am sure nothing this nanny could say would explain what she did.

Do you think there will ever be answers?


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