Nanny in Krim Children Killings Is Out of Her Coma But Not Talking

Krim children killings

Update: Police recently issued a statement saying they erroneously reported Ortega was in a coma, when in fact she was intubated and conscious the whole time.

Nanny Yoselyn Ortega has emerged from her coma, but she is still not talking to doctors or telling police what transpired in that Upper West Side Manhattan apartment on Thursday afternoon. It could be that she's still intubated (breathing tube) and is unable to form the words, or that she's catatonic and mentally incapable. Or, she realizes the horror of what many people suspect she's done and has clammed up.

The kitchen knife she used to slit her throat right in front of Marina Krim, the same woman who pushed a towel into her neck to try to save her life even while her two young children lie gasping for their last breaths in the bathtub, is said to have missed the major veins and arteries in her neck.


It is hard now, several days after this massacre of two beautiful children, not to start to feel the anger bubbling to the surface, at the why and the nanny getting to live while the children died. At first it was shock and disbelief, then just concern ... but now as details come to light and we speculate about what might have been Ortega's motive, the humanness in us, and especially the parents in us, cannot resist the urge to begin to hate her and want retribution for this heinous act.

Ortega was a woman on the verge of mental breakdown, from all accounts painted of her. She was dealing with physical, mental and financial issues. Still, none of this explains why she would take her pain out on a family who treated her so well -- who bought her plane tickets to see her family and who offered her extra hours to make more money.

From all we know, the Krims treated Ortega like family for the few years she worked for them. But when you start to look at the socio-economic status aspect of the two dynamics, some suspicions start to emerge. Ortega may have been treated well, but she was still a servant to a well-to-do family free from the struggles she faced. The resentment between boss and employer are well known to exist even in the most amicable of circumstances. It's just human nature.

Another source said that Marina Krim even recently introduced Ortega to another family who needed babysitting, but they didn't hire her because she acted "too grumpy."

The big question is, of course, how and why Ortega would take any resentment or jealousy she might have to the point of evil -- and that is a question only she can answer. A toxicology report came back negative for alcohol or narcotics. Somebody, even if it's her defense lawyer, needs to get Yoselyn Ortega talking.

Police cannot charge Ortega with the murders of 6-year-old Lucia and 2-year-old Leo because they haven't been able to interview her and because of a supposed lack of evidence. That might sound crazy but in a high-profile and sensitive case like this where you definitely don't want to make any procedural mistakes to jeopardize a conviction, maybe it doesn't.

What are your theories as to why Yoselyn Ortega might have done this?


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