Diaper Thieves Pose as Moms & Commit Crimes Right Under Store Clerks' Noses


If you're a thief looking to make a quick buck, pretending to be a harried mom buying diapers and detergent in bulk apparently pays off. Seriously. You see, a group of robbers made off like bandits with shopping carts teeming with Huggies and Tide, over and over, and nobody gave them a second glance.

The scheme involved two women who strolled into a local grocery store, filled up shopping carts with Tide laundry detergent and Huggies diapers, and then simply pushed the carts out the front door. They were caught on the security cameras, and eventually by police, but they were able to rob a supermarket and a Walmart five times in two weeks! Five times!

Nobody has that many kids. But it looks like immitating busy moms is the perfect cover for petty criminals. 


Times are tough, so I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising that women would pretend to be shopping moms -- even though there were no kids in sight. And it's a good thing there weren't. One of the women allegedly told police she had a $300-a-day drug habit, being funded by her diaper crimes.

What even crazier is that they got away with it so many times. And with giant packages of giant things! The sheer audacity is amazing. They just waltz through the doors with carts laden with the stuff real moms buy.

The cops who busted the diaper crime ring told shops to be more vigilant, but are store clerks really going to harass women who look like harried moms stocking up on diapers and enough detergent to do laundry for a small army? I would bet the answer to that is no. 

What do you think about crooks who pose as moms to get away with their crimes?


Image via miguelb/Flickr

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