Ex-Bengals Cheerleader & Teacher Who Had Sex With Student Gets Reality Show

Sarah JonesWant your mind blown? Remember the gorgeous ex-Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, Sarah Jones? The ex-English teacher accused of sexing up her high school student? Mrs. Robinson, ahem, Ms. Jones pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct and custodial interference and took a plea bargain in exchange for no jail time. First-degree sexual assault would have gotten her five years in jail, where she belongs, but I digress. Well, you'll never guess what telling the truth and banging your teen lover out in the open will get you in America today?

A reality television show on Oxygen, of course! (Apparently, MTV and VH1 have all they can handle with teen moms and the Jersey shore crew.)


Are we serious? What has this world come to? The beautiful cheerleader, who is now “dating” Cody York, the boy she molested (he has since turned 18), is being rewarded with a reality television show. I mean, come on, she walked out of the courthouse holding hands with her victim. This is one sick bitch who thinks she is above the law.

Now, she is being made a celebrity for having sex with a minor. Instead of being incarcerated and labeled a pedophile rapist, she’s got a show. We can all watch as a grown woman canoodles and manipulates her young prey. It’ll be like watching a preying mantis or black widow spider in action on National Geographic.

Sure he’s a willing participant. What teen boy isn’t a willing participant when it comes to getting laid? He's getting high fives and she's getting a slap on the wrist and together they are cashing in on breaking the law.

I just pray I don’t have to hear Sarah Jones ask Cody York if he’s DTF, a la Snooki. Yikes! Or worse, I hope we don’t have to watch them going to prom together. I wonder what they’ll call it, I’m F*cking My High School English Teacher?

If this would have been a male teacher and a female student, you can bet your ass there wouldn't have been a reality show unless it was called Behind Bars. There’d be no catchy opening theme song or montage of the two embracing. There’d be a man in jail, where he belonged, and a kid going off to college and putting it all behind her.

Do you think Sarah Jones should be rewarded with a reality show after molesting her student?

Image via ABC News

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