Teacher Charged for Sex With Student After Boy Shares Dirty Photos on the Internet (VIDEO)

anna waltersAnother teacher has been accused of having sex with one of her students, and I'll give one guess as to what she looks like. If you said "white, blond, thin, and attractive," go select something from the prize bin. Her name is Anna Michelle Walters and she's a substit-- sorry ex-substitute teacher at Cosby High School in Virginia. She turned herself in to police on Wednesday after an investigation began when a former student of hers, who's now in college, posted salacious text messages and sexy photos she allegedly sent him to his Twitter for all the Internets to see.

So, not only is the hot teacher getting it on with a younger student thing a full-blown epidemic, now some of the teachers are documenting their escapades with their phones, as well. Great idea.


I'm not going to make this post about lady-teachers sleeping with their male students -- it's been done a million times before, and I don't have a degree in Psychology, so I really can't postulate as to why. (My guess, if you're wondering, is that is has something to do with the "taboo" factor for them, as well as a line that's been blurred between teachers and students. But, again, that's not what this is about.)

This teacher allegedly sent Justin Foster, 18, naughty messages, coupled with even naughtier photos. Something lots of couples do? Sure. But when you're a teacher, do you really thing it's a good idea to send these things -- to your student? Nothing could possibly be more incriminating!

Now, not only will Walters never work in the school system again, she's kind of a laughing stock. The photos and texts became "an Internet sensation", and surely they've embarrassed her tremendously.

I highly doubt this will be the last story we hear of a female teacher sleeping with a student, but let's hope it's the last time we hear about a teacher taking photos of herself and sending them to a student. Because, man, that's a dumb idea.

But, yeah, probably won't be.

What do you think of this?



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