Mom Fakes Baby Girl's Death in Order to Make a Few New Friends (VIDEO)

jessica banksWe've heard our share of "people lying about awful things to get something they want" stories over the years (See woman who lied about breast cancer for a boob job; or woman who lied about cancer for her dream wedding), but this story has to take the cake. It's the tale of a woman who lied about own 22-month-old daughter's death in order to get some cash for the "funeral" and, more importantly to her -- some friends.


Jessica Banks, 24, of Memphis, Tennessee, is currently being accused of fabricating the story to her co-workers that claimed her 22-month-old child died from an asthma attack. According to police, Banks has admitted that she made the horrific story up, and reportedly, she told investigators that she did it for attention, friends, and sympathy.

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For a split -- a split -- second, you might feel bad for Banks here. To think that someone is so lonely that they'd make up such an awful, disturbing story is actually kind of sad. But then when you hear that Banks went as far as allegedly making up programs for her child's funeral service, all empathy goes out the window. I mean, what kind of person could actually go through with something like that? That's insane!

Apparently, Banks' plan was foiled when co-workers showed up to the church for the service, and they saw that nothing was going on. After getting caught, Banks told police that she used the "funeral" money to buy new clothes for her daughter.

There's clearly something really wrong with our society. I'm not sure if it's just because we're more connected than ever, and we hear about every little thing that goes on, or if so many people really have lost it, but s**t is f***ed up these days. Who lies about awful things like this? Especially when it's involving your child? It's disgusting, and only a truly sick person would do something like this.

What do you think of this?

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