Soldier Sex Abuse Accusation Rocks a New York Military Base

Shawn Raymo, Jessica RaymoNew York State police say they've arrested and charged a Fort Drum soldier, Shawn Raymo, and his wife, Jessica, each with felony use of a child less than 17 in a sexual performance and with misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child.

Officer Raymo, 22, is accused of watching, over Skype, as his wife Jessica Raymo, 21, performed sexual acts with a teenage girl -- while he was stationed in Afghanistan.

They were both arrested on Tuesday.


The incident occurred while Shawn was deployed in July 2011 and the details are really disturbing. Jessica allegedly engaged in oral and other sex acts with a 15-year-old female in their home at Fort Drum, while her husband watched over Skype.

These two are a piece of work. When I think of service men and women, I think of the everyday heroes of our country. Men and women fighting for our freedom and laying down their lives so that we can all remain safe.  

This behavior is not only unbecoming and the exact opposite of what we expect from our soldiers, but it's deviant and unsavory behavior. This soldier is being charged with watching his wife molest a child for his sexual entertainment. That is sick. He is not worthy of his uniform.

In the very least, he could have told his wife to stop. He could have reported her to the authorities. He could have turned off Skype and not been a party to his wife’s disgusting behavior. She molested a child. She deserves to go to jail, and by willingly witnessing it, he deserves to go to jail, as well.

Do you think he is as guilty as his wife for watching?

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