7 of the Hottest Guys to Ever Take a Police Mug Shot

Janelle Harris | Jun 4, 2012 Crime

Mug shotsYou wouldn’t visit a pet groomer for a cute cut and color, so methinks you wouldn’t hit the local police precinct to look for guys. I mean, the pickins can be kinda slim out here in the singles world, but ladies, it’s never, ever so hard scouring that you have to wander to the other side of the law to find a love interest. Yet and still, there are all kinds of websites facilitating romance between men and women in the care of the prison system and people on the other side of the locked up life, which says there has been both a demand and an increase in jailhouse relationships. Not a good idea. Just not.

While I frown on hooking up with a boo behind bars, however, these seven cuties who found themselves on the wrong side of the law are exceptions to my stance. I would put up bail money for any of the below and, you know, we could come to a little agreement on how they’re going to pay it off: 

  • Shia LaBeouf


    This 2007 flick doesn’t do hotheaded cutie Shia any justice, I know. Then just a tender 21, he was knocked for being disruptive in a Chicago Walgreens and earned himself a misdemeanor trespassing charge. 

  • Shia LaBeouf


    That's more like it. 

  • Nas


    Everybody’s favorite rapper (OK, OK, my favorite rapper) Nas—known, I’m sure, by his government name, Nasir Jones, in this instance—copped to smoking marijuana, then driving his Cadillac Escalade. Le sigh. Things like this wouldn’t happen if he would just fall in line and marry me like he’s supposed to. Lucky for him in the meantime, charges were eventually dismissed in this less-than-shining debacle. 

  • Nas


    Much, much better. 

  • Bruno Mars


    Oh Bruno, you adorable rascal. Arrested in 2010 for riding the white horse—and snorting it, too—he got a year’s probation. But he got a Grammy too, which swiftly helped us forget all about this drug-induced photo shoot. 

  • Bruno Mars


    Cute, clean, and sober. (Definitely on the first one, a hopeful maybe on the others.)

  • Chace Crawford


    Oh sad-face Chace. Even being carted off to the pokey for possession of marijuana (and apparently being outfitted in an orange prison jumpsuit) doesn't scale down your sexy. 

  • Chace Crawford


    But this is much, much better (and much freer). 

  • Greg Serano


    Oh dear. Back in 2006, Greg came home wasted and wreaked havoc on the household he shared with his wife and then 15-year-old son, landing himself a domestic violence charge.  

  • Greg Serano


    But he promised to go to counseling, saved his marriage, and got included on this list because he made amends. Nice save, Greg. 

  • Hines Ward


    Say it wasn't so, Hines! Everybody's favorite smiley-faced wide receiver and Dancing with the Stars hero was apprehended for drunk driving back in 2011. 

  • Hines Ward


    But he's kept himself out of trouble since then, so I'm chalking that up to a lesson learned. Here's to hoping. 

  • Jay-Z


    I'm not even going to argue about Jay-Z being cute. He is, and has always been, adorable in my book, since album #1. His involvement in a nightclub melee and stabbing back in 1999 was not cute, however. Hov ended up pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

  • Jay-Z


    But now he's all family man/philanthropist/business mogul and left the streets alone, so his self-rehabilitation makes him all the more sexy.  

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