7 of the Hottest Guys to Ever Take a Police Mug Shot

Mug shotsYou wouldn’t visit a pet groomer for a cute cut and color, so methinks you wouldn’t hit the local police precinct to look for guys. I mean, the pickins can be kinda slim out here in the singles world, but ladies, it’s never, ever so hard scouring that you have to wander to the other side of the law to find a love interest. Yet and still, there are all kinds of websites facilitating romance between men and women in the care of the prison system and people on the other side of the locked up life, which says there has been both a demand and an increase in jailhouse relationships. Not a good idea. Just not.

While I frown on hooking up with a boo behind bars, however, these seven cuties who found themselves on the wrong side of the law are exceptions to my stance. I would put up bail money for any of the below and, you know, we could come to a little agreement on how they’re going to pay it off: 


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