(Barely) Surviving Parenthood

What mommy doesn't need want a little vodka every once in a while? Or maybe your poison is a glass of wine or some chocolate … something (anything) to just chill out and decompress from the daily stresses of parenting. "Barely Surviving Parenthood" is something many of us feel like we do regularly — we just power through and try to laugh along the way! Well, thank goodness for Aunt Becky who will help show us how it's done … Barely!

Countdown With Scary Mommy

Being a parent can be scary and so we offer Jill Smokler, better known as Scary Mommy, to bring some levity to the ridiculous (but sometimes serious) situations we often find ourselves in. And since the life of a mom can be ruled by the lists she keeps (good, bad, or otherwise) we thought you would appreciate, and maybe find some usefulness, for these lists here.

Crafty Mom's Weekly Challenge

So many of us bookmark projects, crafts, and recipes we see online -- but rarely do we find the time to try them out. Kat Bouska is going to help us sort through which ones are really worth our time. Here, each week, she will record her attempt at a new craft. WIN or FAIL, as the mother of three and a home daycare owner, she's not afraid to get her hands dirty. Be sure to tune in each week to see if she is really up to the challenge!

Did That Really Happen?

Do you ever hear or see something that makes you want to blurt out, “Did that really happen?” It could be news about a random celebrity hookup, a dirty look at the playground, or even a new report stating we're more likely to get divorced if we forget to floss. Whatever it is, humorist Jenny Isenman is here to make sense of all these outrageous, ridiculous, and ironic issues as they arise -- one-by-one!

Gadget Dad

John Biggs, trained gadgetologist, seasoned tech journalist, and father of two, test drives all the shiny, new electronic gizmos hitting the market. He'll tell you what gets a big, fat, FAIL and what's worth breaking into your kid's piggy bank to buy. And he isn't afraid to let his little ones play with the expensive stuff; especially when it's in the name of good reporting!  

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

If we knew then, what we know now, some of our choices would most certainly be different. In a few cases ... very different. Maybe we wouldn't spend so much money on our wedding day -- or we would resist the urge to satisfy grandma and give our baby a name we actually like! Hindsight may be 20/20 but don't be fooled, there is plenty we can learn from it. Here, Kristen Chase will go through her laundry list of lessons -- all in the name of saving us from making the same mistakes she did.


Jenny Lawson, better known as The Bloggess, is here at The Stir to dole out parenting advice on some of moms' most annoying problems. But beware, Jenny doesn't mince her words, is not qualified in any way to give advice, and has the ability to make you laugh so hard that any liquid you might be consuming is in danger of shooting out through your nose. 

Inspiration Scout

Before Gabrielle Blair found an accidental career doing all things Internet, she was a graphic designer and art director. Now she gets her creative fix seeking out and writing about all things well-designed for her popular blog Design Mom and for her "Inspiration Scout" column here at The Stir. She has six children, including a just-born baby girl. 

Mom Interrupted

Linda Sharps spends her days striving for balance in the always-unbalanced world of working from home while parenting two rambunctious boys. When she's not cursing the laundry or daydreaming about wearing heels again, she can be found writing about the ups and downs of her charmed life in her weekly Stir column "Mom, Interrupted."

Setting a Dad Example

Keeping a toddler alive isn’t easy while Facebooking with dozens of friends, watching "The League" on Netflix and playing online poker simultaneously. In his weekly Stir humor column, award-winning unemployed journalist Corey Levitan shares all the detours around common sense he perfects during his stretch as involuntary stay-at-home dad. Oh ... and let's not forget to have sympathy for his wife along the way.

She's Still Got It

Lindsay Ferrier, is a mom/stepmom/blogger who still loves date nights, parties, shopping, and any excuse to dress up (and yes, that includes the car rider pick-up line at her local elementary school). Without a lot of time or money, she does her best to make it work and wants to share her ideas and inspiration with you.

The Real Deal With Alex McCord

When it comes to reality TV, Alex McCord has been there, done that. The ultimate insider, each week she will break down what we saw, what we didn’t see, how these shows are put together behind the scenes. Another bonus? Alex has juicy tidbits about major drama coming for the Housewives and exclusive interviews with celebrities and pop culture personalities. 

Working (Out) Mama

It doesn't matter if you're a SAHM, work outside the home or work from the house ... making time for yourself when you're a mom always feels near impossible. But personal trainer and blogger Carly Pizzani is here to help. Having trained many moms, and being mom to an active toddler herself, Carly knows how to get the most out of your limited time. She'll explain what works (and what doesn't) and give you all the tips and advice you need to get into shape.

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