Being a parent can be scary and so we offer Jill Smokler, better known as Scary Mommy, to bring some levity to the ridiculous (but sometimes serious) situations we often find ourselves in.

So many of us bookmark projects, crafts, and recipes we see online -- but rarely do we find the time to try them out. Kat Bouska is going to help us sort through which ones are really worth our time.

Humorist Jenny Isenman is here to make sense of all the outrageous, ridiculous, and ironic issues that come up -- one-by-one!

If we knew then, what we know now, some of our choices would most certainly be different. In a few cases ... very different.

Gabrielle Blair gets her creative fix seeking out and writing about all things well-designed for her popular blog Design Mom and shares great finds here in her column, "Inspiration Scout." 

When Linda's not cursing the laundry or daydreaming about wearing heels again, she can be found writing about the ups and downs of her charmed life in her weekly Stir column "Mom, Interrupted."

In his weekly Stir humor column, award-winning unemployed journalist Corey Levitan shares all the detours around common sense he perfects during his stretch as involuntary stay-at-home dad.

Alex McCord is the ultimate insider and each week breaks down reality TV for us like nothing you've ever seen before.

Having trained many moms, and being mom to an active toddler herself, Carly Pizanni knows how to get the most out of our limited time. She'll explain what works (and what doesn't) and give you all the tips and advice you need to get into shape.