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    If you've been looking for a more comfortable alternative to heels, you're in for a treat this fall.

    Booties and shooties -- a lace-up boot/shoe hybrid -- are everywhere this fall. You can wear them this season with dresses and skirts for a fashion-forward look, which is great because they're much more practical than stilettos.

    I love these Adrienne Vittadini shooties (Lord & Taylor, $139), for example, which would go with just about everything.

    And there are lots more options to meet any budget. Here are some of my personal favorites.

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    I know that hideous floral pants are a "thing" this summer, but I didn't realize how bad it had gotten until I opened up the Sunday New York Times and saw literally dozens of women pictured in them last weekend out on the sidewalks of Park Avenue.


    According to the NYT, the "most interesting" styles of floral pants were the "pajama-like styles," like these Somedays Lovin Muchacho Floral Pants (Urban Outfitters, $89).

    Let's recap. Park Avenue. Cutting-edge fashionistas. Wearing FLORAL PAJAMA PANTS.

    Women of New York, I ask you:


    But wait! It gets worse!

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    Want to be on top of the trends this fall? Well get used to the idea of wearing oxblood.

    Oh yes.


    That's the name of the color designers are mad for this season -- and if you can get past the name, it's actually a lovely color that looks good on most women.

    Take this wrap sweater (Ann Taylor, $69) for instance. It would look fantastic on so many figures and skin tones.


    Will you wear this color, despite its disgusting name?

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    I hosted a pilot for a TV show this past week -- which meant a lot of wardrobe changes -- which meant that I became all-too-aware of things like panty lines and exposed bra straps and muffin top.

    Those things are at least somewhat excusable in the real world, but on television, they're a big no no.

    It all got me thinking about the arsenal of products I've learned to keep handy so that I look as problem-free as possible in my clothes. One lifesaver is double-sided Fashion Tape (Amazon, $7.26). This stuff can keep bra straps in place, hold a shirt together, and seal a dropped hem. It's a lifesaver and I'll never be without it again.

    Here are some of my other favorites for the lingerie drawer ...

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    A few weeks ago on The Prowl, I asked users for their favorite nude lipsticks. I've been looking for a great neutral lip color and haven't yet happened upon one that I love.

    Well, I got some great advice from many women I trust, and I now feel compelled to share these recommendations with you!

    For example, Stephanie Precourt, the gorgeous blogger behind Adventures in Babywearing, recommends this Dior Addict Lip Glow. "This moisturizes and enhances your natural lip color, giving you the perfect shade," she wrote. "Well worth the price! But wait! There's more!

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    Y'all. After months upon months of waiting, the Issa Collection at Banana Republic is FINALLY available -- and I think even the Duchess of Cambridge would approve of what's up for grabs.

    Issa London, you'll remember, is the designer made famous after Kate Middleton began wearing her gorgeous wrap dresses out in public. Who could forget that stunning navy dress Kate wore in her engagement photo? We all wanted it for ourselves!Well, now you'll be thrilled to know a very similar version is up for sale at Banana Republic. See it for yourself:

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    We all have style and beauty extravagances, whether it's 50 shades of nail polish, a closet full of shoes, or a drawer packed to the brim with scarves.

    My own vice? Pretty nighties, like this Victoria's Secret Satin Halter Slip.

    I've always loved wearing gowns that are both sexy and comfortable, and I've discovered that having kids doesn't have to put a damper on my habit. With a little bit of effort, I've managed to find nightwear that's both kid-friendly and husband approved.

    But some moms think my unmentionables are out of line. When I shared some of my favorites over at The Prowl, one mom Tweeted: 

    Really?! Children don't need to see sexy sleepwear. COME ON.

    So now I'm asking you, readers: What do you think? Can a mom still wear (reasonably) sexy sleepwear in front of her kids, or is she obligated to stick with old t-shirts, mens pajama bottoms, and Lanz nightgowns?

    What do you think?

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    It's August, the hottest, sweatiest month of the year.

    At some point every August, I generally abandon all attempts at looking fashionable, because what's the point? Everything I wear gets pit stains. My hair goes limp in the humidity, no matter what I do to it. And I sweat my makeup off five minutes after I apply it.


    That said, I have adapted a few techniques to fight back against the heat and stay stylish in the summertime. And today, I'm going to share them with you.

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    I have to admit, over the last few years, beach cover-ups have become my go-to summer staple. Sometimes I wear them to the beach or pool, but more often, I wear them over shorts and a camisole. I love them because they're machine washable, more stylish than a t-shirt, and since they're technically beach wear, they're cheaper than ordinary street clothes.


    Now is a perfect time to pick up a few, since we still have a couple more warm months to go and all things summer-related are now on sale. Here are a few of my favorites:

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    Who could forget the dress Kate Middleton wore for her official engagement photo? That navy blue number got as much attention as the engagement announcement itself, and it put Kate's favorite designer, Issa London on the map.

    After seeing Kate in that dress, I was dying to have an Issa creation of my very own. Unfortunately, the average Issa dress costs at least $700, which is way beyond my budget.

    But I've got good news, girlfriends. Issa London has teamed up with Banana Republic on a 40-piece capsule collection, and it'll be in stores and online on August 6th! What will it look like? Check out these selections from the lookbook.

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