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    While my cosmetics bag has a few drugstore beauty products in it, I'm a bit of a makeup snob, with a growing addiction to more expensive brands. Between my sensitive skin, my friends' must-have recommendations, and I admit, an obsession with style blogs, I can easily plop down a pretty penny for an awesome mascara or blush.

    I honestly didn't think too much about it until my kids got into my makeup bag, destroyed my brand new lipstick, and lost my favorite blush brush. I might as well have just flushed $75 down the toilet.

    So that's why I started taking stock of the cost of my makeup bag to see if it's really worth spending all that money on my face.

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    Can we all just agree that men are big babies? And I'm not just talking about how they act when they're sick -- the "man cold," if you will. I'm talking about how they act in the bedroom when we have our periods.

    I can't tell you how many times I've had guys ask me to do some crazy, weird stuff between the sheets, only to have them freak out when they find out my monthly "friend" is paying a visit.

    Look, I get that some women don't feel comfortable having sex when they have their period. That feels different somehow. But if you're okay with it, shouldn't your partner be too?

    Here's why men really need to man up when it comes to period sex.

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    As much as I love how the Internet has made it easier to find information, it's got a pretty heavy-duty downside, especially when you're dealing with a mysterious illness or, in my case, a blemish.

    I admit that I'm one to Google health symptoms or ask my social media followers medical questions, only to discover that I've got either rheumatoid arthritis or a head cold.

    But after what happened recently on my Facebook page, I will never ever EVER ask the Internet for health advice again.

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    I have had a number of various haircuts in my life, and even though I have pretty good hair (it's thick and wavy and generally easy to style), I tend to be like most people in that once I leave the salon, it never looks like that ever again.

    Well, that is, unless I'm willing to buy lots of hair care products and spend way too much time blowing it dry. And even then, it still doesn't look like it did when I got up from that chair.

    That's all changed since I found the most awesome hairstylist who just so happens to charge $150 a cut. But let me tell you, it's worth every single penny.

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    I admit that back in the day, I got quite a thrill out of one-night stands. There was something hot about meeting someone and hooking up with absolutely no strings attached.

    Well, maybe it's because I'm older now, and I'm a mom, or just more sexually experienced. But these days the idea of a one-night stand completely turns me off. Grosses me out, even.

    Lest you think I'm a prude or a fuddy duddy, allow me to explain why I like to keep my sexual activity within the confines of a relationship of some kind.

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    I've dated a bunch of guys over the last year as a newly single mom and inevitably the conversation gets to sex. And as a sex columnist and writer, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to get insight into what men think is the biggest turn-off in the bedroom.

    Well. Let me just say that not only were the answers pretty much consistent across the board, the turn-off was something that I would never have thought would have made the list in a thousand years.

    But worst of all, a lot of women do it. Including you.

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    Every time I walk into a public place, I am shocked and appalled at all the terrible style choices moms are making.

    You may have had kids, ladies, but you're certainly not dead.

    Since I can't nominate each and every one of you for a Stacy London and Clinton Kelly aka TLC's What Not to Wear intervention, I'm going to give you a small one of my own.

    Please, for the love of fashion, stop wearing these 5 things right now. You're beautiful and radiant, but these looks aren't doing you any favors. And they're hurting my eyes.

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    I've always been a relatively thin person, dropping the baby weight after each of my four kids pretty quickly, but turning 38 hit me hard right in my midsection. And the back of my arms.

    And oh, hey there thighs!

    I've always been pretty active, maintaining a very healthy (and low-carb) diet, working out always daily, and generally remembering to stretch after I'm done. And if I fall off the wagon, I'm usually back into my pants with a little extra exercise and calorie watching.

    But just lately, I've noticed a distinct change in my body, mostly that my pants are tight in weird places. Turns out, I've been making these five exercise and diet mistakes that are probably not helping my cause. Are you doing them too?

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    I was one of those anti-plastic surgery, anti-hair-coloring, au naturel kinds of people until I could count my crow's feet and my hair was more gray than brown.

    Granted, I've yet to go the Botox route (and am not sure if I will), but I definitely get my hair colored and happily pay an arm and a leg for it.

    Yes, I realize home hair color has gotten a lot better over the years, and some folks can't afford the trip to the hair salon every couple of months.

    But I'm here to tell you that it's so worth it. And it's not as expensive as you think, all things considered.

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    For the most part, I've always been pretty conservative with my makeup, keeping it pretty simple (if any at all) during the day and then maybe jazzing it up with a little eye shadow in the evening.

    I know, crazy, right?

    Well, lately I've become addicted to YouTube make-up tutorials, which have really helped me take more risks with makeup. Not only are they cheap and easy, they can make you look so much more pulled together.

    If you've been remiss to go a little nuts with your makeup, here are 5 trends you should totally try.

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