Audrey Roloff Blasted for Being Unsafe While Canoeing With Her Kids

Audrey Roloff, Bode Roloff

It's almost impossible to be a celebrity mom -- or a mom in general -- and escape the mom shaming, but now, Audrey Roloff seems to have gotten herself in some pretty deep trouble with her Instagram followers. Audrey's being slammed for unsafe canoeing with her kids, Bode and Ember, and commenters definitely aren't holding back. 

Water safety is no joke!

  • Audrey posted videos and photos of her and her kids on the lake. 

    She looked like she was having a great time -- and so did her kids. In her Instagram post, Audrey Roloff talked about how important it was for her to create the same memories on the lake with her kiddos that she had as a kid, writing:

    "The kind of family fun that embraces the stressful moments for the sake of the memories, allows us to enjoy God's creation together, let's us be physically active together, gives us opportunities to cheer each other on and challenge each other to try new things, invites us to be fully present with each other while confined to a small space, and ends up in their 'thank you for...' prayers at night."

    Everything seemed good, with both kids wearing life jackets as they should ... but her Instagram Story was a bit different. 

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  • Audrey also shared a photo of husband Jeremy paddling a canoe with both of their kids in it ... without wearing a life jacket.

    She must have been getting a lot of backlash in her DMs, because she quickly explained herself on her story, writing, "Everyone coming AT ME about life jackets. This little stream is only a foot deep and they stayed here the whole time. Be calm."

    That wasn't good enough for her followers, though -- and people were pretty upset.

  • Fans on Reddit were quick to share how irresponsible they felt Audrey was being. 

    As The Hollywood Gossip pointed out, these fans quickly weighed in on how dangerous even a foot of water can be. After all, an accident can happen in a second.

    "As a former life guard we were taught 'you can drown in a bowl of soup' as a way to explain that it doesn't take much for a child (or inexperienced adult) to drown," said one of the comments. "She is an absolute idiot. I don't wish harm to her but I hope this is a wake up call for her fake 'free spirit' lifestyle.'"

  • It's definitely important to keep life jackets on kids, especially ones as young as Bode and Ember.

    We're sure that Audrey wouldn't put her kids in danger if she thought she was doing anything wrong. There's no doubt in our minds that she truly loves those two and wants them to be safe. But as people have pointed out, it's just too dangerous to have kids in any water without a life jacket, because like we said before, an accident can happen in a second. 

    It's better to be safe than sorry!

  • Hopefully, this has been an eye-opening experience for Audrey. 

    We would absolutely hate to see anything bad happen to Ember or Bode. We've loved every minute of watching Audrey and Jeremy's family grow up in the social media posts she shares, and we're rooting for them. Fingers crossed we see everyone in life jackets next time, especially if Audrey keeps spending more and more time out on the lake. 

    She should be able to make those memories with her kiddos -- and she should be able to do so safely.