Kate Gosselin's New Family Pic Has Fans Hoping She Returns to TV

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Kate Gosselin, Cara Gosselin, Mady Gosselin
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It's been a while since Kate Gosselin and her family have graced our TV screens, but could they be making a comeback? Some fans certainly want her to after Kate shared a new family photo on Instagram -- something that has truly become a rarity lately because she almost never posts updates on social media anymore.

Could she planning something big?

  • Kate's post celebrated Aaden getting his braces off. 

    And with this milestone being hit, it means something big in Kate's house: All of her kids are now braces-free forever in her house. She even made a cake to celebrate, along with providing plenty of sticky candy that's usually forbidden when it comes to braces. 

    "Braces are a thing of the past in this house! FINALLY! Yay us!" Kate Gosselin wrote.

    Swipe over to see a braces-free Aaden -- he's looking good!

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  • Fans were thrilled to see a new pic of Aaden.

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    The kids have definitely grown up a lot since we were first introduced to the family on Jon & Kate Plus 8. And considering that Kate's sextuplets recently turned 16, they really are almost grown up -- it's absolutely crazy how time flies. Soon, Kate will be an empty nester, but for now, she seems to be enjoying celebrating big moments like this with her kids.

  • Others took the opportunity to tell Kate to return to TV. 

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    We watched Kate (and ex Jon Gosselin) raise her kids for so long on TV that it has been a little weird not knowing what they're up to anymore -- at least, not the way we all once did. There definitely seems to be interest there, so if Kate did want to make a YouTube channel -- or have a bit more of a presence -- the audience is there. We just have no idea if it's something she's interested in at this time! 

  • If Kate did want to return to TV, she'd have a couple of obstacles to clear first.

    Last we heard, TLC cut ties with Kate after she violated a court order in relation to her custody agreement with Jon. He had to approve of the kids filming Kate Plus Date and reportedly didn't know about filming, and Kate was unable to secure a work permit for them but filmed the show anyway.

    So not only would she have to find a gig with a different network, but she'd also have to get Jon on board with the kids under 18 being filmed. 

    Might not be an easy task!

  • We'll just have to wait and see what happens next. 

    We wouldn't hate it if Kate decided to post on social media more frequently, if nothing else -- we've been dying to see what the younger kids have been up to, especially now that they're inching closer and closer to high school graduation and eventually, adulthood.

    Either way, we're glad to see Aaden celebrating a life without braces. We hope he eats all the Twizzlers he can handle! 

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