Tori Roloff's Latest Family Post Has Fans Worried About Jackson

Tori Roloff, Jackson Roloff

There's no such thing as too many adorable photos of Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff's family, but the latest one has a few fans worried. After sharing a new group of her fam in honor of the July 4 holiday, fans pointed out something going on with 3-year-old Jackson Roloff ... and after seeing the comments, it makes sense that people would be concerned.

So is he OK? 

  • It all started when Tori shared this family photo of her crew wearing red, white, and blue. 

    As always, they look adorable together -- especially baby Lilah Ray, who was celebrating her first 4th of July this year. Their coordinating outfits are super cute, but that's not what fans were focused on at all.

    Instead, they were looking at Jackson's legs as he stood to pose for the photo with his mom, dad, and sister ... and then proceeded to head to the comments to let Tori Roloff know that they were worried about him.

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  • Fans pointed out that Jackson's legs were bowing out, and they wanted to know if it was painful. 

    Instagram comments

    Legs bowing out is pretty common for people who have dwarfism -- such as Jackson, Lilah, and their dad, Zach. We'll admit, in this photo, it's a bit more noticeable than it has been in other pics that Tori's posted, especially his right leg, as commenters wrote.

  • Fortunately, Tori did respond to fans' concerns. 

    Instagram comments

    Tori said the extra bowing out here was all due to Jackson's "sass." No need to be worried, people -- Jackson's all right, just showing off his personality here. As Tori explained in her reply, her kid is just popping out his hip, making himself the focus of the family photo. A toddler with attitude ... imagine that! 

    It's a relief to hear that he's not in any pain, although we have to imagine Tori has her hands full with all that sass.

  • Jackson has always seemed like a healthy, happy boy.

    From everything we've seen of Tori and Jackson -- both on social media and on the show -- it's pretty clear that he is so loved and well taken care of. If there was an issue going on with his health, we don't doubt that his mom would be on top of it! 

    It's nice to know that fans are looking out for them, though. It's just because they care! 

  • We're glad to hear everything's OK with this sassy kid. 

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    We'll never get enough of watching him and Lilah grow up, and we'd hate to think he was in any kind of pain at all. But all seems to be good, so everyone take a deep breath and just enjoy the beautiful family photos Tori's always showing off to her Instagram followers. We can't blame her for being so proud of them -- they're a good-looking bunch.

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