Brie & Nikki Bella Go Nude During Joint Maternity Shoot

ParisaMichelle/Splash News

Nikki Bella, Brie Bella
ParisaMichelle/Splash News

In the months since Nikki and Brie Bella announced their pregnancies, it's been a wild ride watching them both share such an exciting experience at the same time. And now? The maternity photos are in, and they are breathtaking. The Bella twins posed nude to show off their baby bumps, and OMG -- we can't handle how gorgeous these pics are.

  • In the photos, Brie and Nikki are posing back to back in black and white. 

    Along with the pics, Nikki Bella shared a caption about her pregnancy journey, including a few words about what it's meant to share it with her sister as she waits for her son to arrive. "I am ready to protect, teach, love and guide. And to go through all of this with my twin sister?" the mom-to-be wrote. "Goodness I would say I am one lucky woman that God knew my timing of becoming a mom was divine." 

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  • Nikki also shared a photo with her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev. 

    Nikki wrote that she "loved this moment" of taking intimate maternity photos with him -- but also that he was a bit nervous for the shoot, which she thought was the "cutest thing ever." 

    "Goodness he is going to be such an amazing Dad. I just can't wait for it!" she wrote. We'd never know Artem was nervous just by looking at this photo, either. He's a total pro! 

  • Meanwhile, Brie shared her photos on her Instagram too -- with her own sweet words about being pregnant with Nikki. 

    In a post where she shared the same photo of the two of them together, she wrote:

    "This pregnancy has been a special one. To experience this with my sister during a time of uncertainty and turmoil has been a blessing.

    As Twins I kept wondering if our bodies were going to change the same or if we'd be different. It's crazy how identical our pregnancies have become...from cravings to symptoms. We are coming to the end of our pregnancy and this will be one I'll remember forever."
  • Brie and Nikki have been all about keeping fans updated on their experience. 

    Whether they're opening up about the side effects of pregnancy or posting super cute bump updates like this one -- which was taken as they were both eight months along in mid June -- fans have been able to follow along with the Total Bella stars every step of the way.

    And now that it's almost time for their babies to arrive, hopefully, the updates keep coming.

  • We can't wait to see those first photos of their little ones.

    Although Nikki found out ahead of time that she's having a boy, Brie has no idea what she's having. But soon enough, we'll find out if her daughter, Birdie, is going to have a little brother or sister. Sending them all the love and happy thoughts for smooth deliveries. Won't be long 'til this family grows by two more babies. 

    They must be so excited!

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