Baby Lilah Cannot Contain Her Joy in Tori Roloff's Mirror Pics

Zach and Tori Roloff family

Tori and Zach Roloff welcomed their second adorable child, a baby girl named Lilah, to the world in November. Since then, the mom of two has been sharing away on social media. Her baby's latest photo shoot is total inspiration for new moms everywhere who are getting bored with basic baby pictures. These photos are ridiculously cute!

  • Tori had an adorable mirror photo shoot for the 6-month-old.

    Tori carefully set up a mirror for Lilah Ray to gaze into and play with for some adorable photos. This little girl is all smiles and looking so happy and playful in the pictures. Tori and Lilah gave us a lesson in confidence with these mirror selfies. Tori captioned the post: "I wish everyone looked at themselves like Lilah Ray does in the mirror."

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  • Then she shared even more adorable pictures to her Stories. 

    Lilah Ray is definitely going to be a model when she grows up. This baby girl is drop dead gorgeous. Plus, artsy mom Tori knows exactly how to style her little girl. The proud mama showed off even more pictures and videos on her Instagram story. Tori has been keeping fans up to date as Lilah grows up before our eyes.

  • These baby mirror photos are giving off major inspiration. 

    Creative moms are always looking for new and inventive ways to show off their babies. As cute as these little ones are, a basic photo shoot can get boring.

    Mirror selfies are so popular among adults, why not try them out with babies? The end result totally worked. Another cute trick could be bringing the mirror outside and having it face a gorgeous natural background.

  • Zach and Tori's son Jackson recently celebrated his third birthday.

    Tori doesn't just show off her new baby girl; 3-year-old Jackson is just as sweet. The cutie celebrated his third birthday in May and had a Paw Patrol-themed party. Although he probably didn't get to celebrate with his friends, because everyone was still sheltering in place at the time, his parents made the most of the at-home birthday party. The cake was absolutely adorable.

  • This sweet family is complete ... for now.  

    Zach comes from a fairly big family, who we got to know on the reality series Little People, Big World. He and Tori have revealed that they want at least three or four children. Of course, there is no rush and they are enjoying the time they have with their two babies right now.

    Tori shared that they've nicknamed Lilah "Miss Personality" because she is so expressive. In their People interview, Tori said: "We're loving the season that we're in right now raising kids. Zach and I always say that we were built for this family life."