Audrey Roloff Questions If Ember & Bode Are Twins in Adorable New Pic

Audrey Roloff, Bode Roloff, Ember Roloff

We can't get enough of Audrey Roloff's updates on her kids, and this one is a pretty adorable one. In a new Instagram post, Audrey shared a new photo of Ember and Bode that really emphasizes how much they look alike ... and as always, their smiling faces are the cutest thing ever.

She and Jeremy definitely make some gorgeous kids!

  • In the pic, Ember and Bode are sitting together while grinning for the camera.

    Swiping over, there are even more shots of them laughing with each other -- so precious! 

    "Is it possible to have twins that are 28 months apart?!" Audrey wrote in her caption. 

    If it is, these two definitely qualify. We can't decide what we love most about this photo: The fact that Bode and Ember Roloff are too cute in their matching outfits, or how happy this brother and sister look to be together.

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  • And fans are gushing over the photo, too.

    Instagram comments

    It's easy to see why. These are two very beautiful babies! Though Audrey Roloff has been sharing photos of Ember and Bode on a pretty regular basis for the entire lives, we still love seeing how they've grown, especially now that she's a mom of two. They've both changed so much, and it's so much fun to see how well Ember has adapted to her responsibilities of being a big sister.

  • It's hard to believe that Bode is already four months old. 

    It seems like just yesterday Audrey was posting about bringing him into the world, and then earlier this month, she shared how much he's grown since he was born in January.

    "Figured out how to bring the toys to his mouth and is reaching for everything now. He's been sleeping through the night pretty much since he was born ... but i still haven't moved him out of our room to his crib yet because i just love easy of a quick night time cuddle," Audrey wrote.

  • And as for Ember? Well, she's pretty much an adult. 

    Just watch this video of her attempting the candy challenge with a cupcake. As much as Ember wanted to dig in before her mom got back, she held off. She was so proud of herself when Audrey finally did come back in the room and Ember got to share that she did not, in fact, eat the cupcake.

    That kind of patience is definitely a virtue!

  • Ember and Bode are the sweetest siblings. 

    We just hope Audrey has prepared herself for the future, because once Bode and Ember are a little older, there's no doubt that they're going to end up giving her a major run for her money. With those sweet smiles and all that energy Ember already has? They're going to be partners in crime for sure. 

    Keep those pics coming, Audrey. We love all of them!