Tori Roloff Reflects on Lilah's Arrival on 'Little People, Big World'

Tori Roloff, Lilah Roloff

Six months after Tori Roloff and husband Zach Roloff welcomed their second child into the world, this mom of two is looking back on baby Lilah's birth. While watching this week's episode of Little People, Big World (the season finale!!), Tori reflected on Lilah's arrival -- and it resulted in some seriously cute videos on her Instagram story involving Lilah's big brother, Jackson.

  • This week's season finale included Lilah's birth. 

    This season has documented much of Tori Roloff's pregnancy, and on Tuesday night, it was finally time for Lilah to make her grand entrance.

    Obviously, her parents couldn't wait to meet her, and now, it seems like Tori had a lot of fun reliving that important day in their lives while watching the episode for herself. It has to be so cool to have moments like that captured on film forever! 

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  • In her story, Lilah and Jackson sat down on the couch to watch together. 

    Jackson Roloff looked totally enthralled by what was going on in the episode. After running down the stairs to join his mom in front of the TV, his attention was totally focused on the show. While watching, he even said, "mama, dada, baby!" when he saw a few familiar faces on the screen. 

    We have to wonder what Jackson must be thinking, seeing himself and his family on TV like this! 

  • Tori giggled all over again by Zach's interpretation of the "umbilical cord." 

    Over footage of Lilah's birth, Zach Roloff can be heard saying that he "cut the biblical cord," when he obviously meant "umbilical cord." In the moment, Tori poked fun at him for the switch-up ... and she definitely took the opportunity to laugh at the same joke all over again now that the episode was airing.

    Hey, he was an excited dad! But that's still a pretty funny slipup. 

  • When Lilah was finally born, Jackson was so excited. 

    He was grinning at the screen, and when Tori asked him who that baby was, Jackson proudly replied, "Baby Lilah Ray!" (Cute.) And when Tori asked him if he thought they should do it all over again and have another baby, he was quickly on board. 

    We always suspected that Jackson has loved being a big brother so far, but it sounds like he's ready to take it up a notch. We wonder if his parents agree ...

  • It was so sweet to finally see Lilah's birth this way. 

    Of course, we've been following along with this family ever since Lilah was born -- enjoying all the adorable photos that Tori's been posting -- but there's something so special about seeing her make her entrance. Even better than that, seeing Jackson and Tori happily relive that day, too.

    Whether or not Jackson gets that new baby he's hoping for remains to be seen ... but judging by how cute he and his sis are, we won't be surprised at all if his parents decide to go for a third!