Nikki Bella Opens Up About Going to the Hospital for Unborn Baby's 'Heart Scare'

Nikki Bella

Based on all her updates so far, it's safe to say that Nikki Bella is over the moon to be expecting her first child with fiancé Artem Chigvintsev, but recently, she experienced a pretty terrifying pregnancy moment. Nikki had to rush to the hospital for a heart scare involving her unborn baby, and we can't imagine what she must have been feeling. 

  • On an episode of her 'Total Bellas' podcast, Nikki opened up about the scare, which happened after a recent ultrasound.

    "[Our doctors] thought they saw something in our baby's heart," Nikki Bella said on the podcast, Us Weekly reported. "We kind of had a heart scare! Artem and I had to drive to Los Angeles to get our baby double checked."

    Finding out that anything could be wrong in a pregnancy -- or with a child -- is definitely terrifying, so we're glad that Artem was able to be with her. And it involved the baby's heart? Extra scary!

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  • Fortunately, everything turned out all right.

    At their appointment, Nikki and Artem found out that their baby was good to go -- it must have been such a relief for them both! "Everything came out great, which we were so blessed and happy about," she said.

    Knowing how excited Nikki has been for this pregnancy -- which is happening at the same time that her sister, Brie Bella, is pregnant -- we know she must be thrilled.

  • Nikki has been open about the ups and downs of pregnancy from the very start. 

    Last month, Nikki talked about the side effects of pregnancy that she'd been experiencing in an honest Instagram post, letting her followers know about the changes she'd been going through. Still, she remained super optimistic.

    She wrote:

    "Without all the beauty appointments and makeup everyday. I hope in this time we can start to love ourselves more. Appreciate the flaws, the changes, our age. I’m going through a lot of course bc of pregnancy but goodness when I feel my baby kick or move, I don’t care how many pounds I have gained, or skin changes I have, or pain that feeling is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It makes me smile so big every time. The love is already greater than any other!"

  • She's also been sharing all kinds of bump photos.

    It goes without saying that this mama looks absolutely amazing, and we love seeing the excitement she has about meeting her baby later this year. (We'll take all the updates we can get!)  Despite everything going on in the world, it appears Nikki's making the most of every moment in this pregnancy, and it's been so much fun to watch it all unfold.

  • It's great to hear that Nikki's pregnancy is healthy so far.

    Hopefully, just the one heart scare was enough and the rest of pregnancy (and delivery) will go smoothly for her -- and she can continue to enjoy this time before she and Artem become parents. it won't be just the two of them anymore! 

    Our fingers are crossed for plenty of updates in the coming weeks. We can't get enough of those adorable bump pics! 

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