Jamie Dornan Rocks Blue Wig & Heels Playing 'Dress Up' With His Daughters

Jamie Dornan
Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for AT&T; jamiedornan/Instagram

We've seen a lot of cute behavior from celebrity dads now that everyone's spending more time at home than usual (for obvious reasons), but Jamie Dornan's latest update is extra cute. This week, Jamie played dress up with his daughters, and he went all out for the occasion.

This is something his kids are definitely going to remember forever! 

  • Jamie shared a photo of himself all dressed up with nowhere to go. 

    We don't even know where to begin with this picture. As if the pigtails weren't enough, there's a lot to absorb here, from his maxi dress to his heels to the expression on his face. This is too much! 

    "Dressing up with my daughters took a turn. Meet Jenny (with the blue hair)," Jamie wrote in his caption, adding, "She’s sweet."

    His kids (and wife Amelia Warner) must have gotten such a kick out of this!

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  • Jamie's friends flocked to the comments to applaud his new look. 

    Seems like his fellow celebs are all big fans of Jenny, the new version of Jamie, including his friend Armie Hammer, who also chimed in, writing, "'Dressing up with my daughters' = I have heels in my size and was looking for an excuse to feel like a fierce b-tch." LOL! 

    We are glad to see Jamie may make this a Sunday ritual, though, because we'd love to see more of his looks. Can any of them compete with Jenny, though?

  • Jamie's also been sharing his other adventures playing with his girls. 

    Looks like there's been a lot of fun happening in Jamie's house between dressing up and playing with Legos. That camper might be for ages 8 and older, but that's a lot of pieces, so there's no doubt it probably turned into quite a project. A fun one, yes, but a project still. 

    "And you thought Rome took awhile to build," Jamie wrote.

  • Jamie and Amelia now have three daughters. 

    Their daughters are Dulcie, 6; Elva, 4; and last year, they welcomed their third daughter, who is now a year old, though they haven't shared her name publicly quite yet. 

    They tend to keep their private life as private as possible, and the photos Amelia's shared of the girls are few and far between, with their faces hidden ... but it's still easy to see how much love exists in this family.

  • These girls are lucky to have a dad like Jamie.

    After all, it's not every dad out there who would put on a dress and heels to make his daughters (and probably his wife, TBH ... and the entire internet) happy, but Jamie was willing to do it. 

    Here's hoping he's going to share plenty more of their adventures while his fam is hunkered down at home. So far, it seems like they're making the best of things and having a blast spending quality time together. What will Jenny wear next? 

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