Tori Roloff's Dog Murphy Steals the Show in New Family Photos

Tori Roloff, Murphy

As much as we love seeing photos of Tori Roloff's adorable kids, Jackson and Lilah, we also happen to love when she gives us an update on her dog, Murphy, and now, we have a pretty big one. On her Instagram Story this week, Murphy totally stole the show in new family photos, and it's easy to see why. This fluffy guy is gorgeous! 

  • Tori started off her story by letting us know what we were in for. 

    As soon as she mentioned her dog, we knew we were in for something good. After all, Murphy -- a huge, lovable Bernese Mountain Dog -- has always been such a sweetie, and from the beginning, he's been kind to the kiddos. In fact, every time we see a new pic of him, somehow he's gotten cuter ... so if Tori Roloff is calling him the best dog in the world, we're going to have to believe her on that.

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  • First, she showed Murphy acting as a chair for Jackson.

    Fortunately, Jackson's still just a tot, so we have a feeling Murphy didn't mind being used as a dog chair for him while he played. Murphy looks totally content hanging out with Jackson, too -- but then again, he always does. From the very beginning, Jackson and Murphy have been best friends, and it looks like that's not going to change any time soon.

    Then, Lilah got in on the action ... 

  • She also shared a pic of Murphy and Lilah hanging out.

    Lilah's just chilling on her play mat, having a good time, and it looks like Murphy just wants to be near her. Anyone who's ever had a dog knows their capacity for love is huge, and that definitely seems to be the case for this furry friend.

    Y'all, this is one good dog. Whether he's hanging with Jackson or being super gentle around Lilah, it looks like he takes his job of watching over these kids very seriously! 

  • We love every time Tori shares something about Murphy.

    It's hard to remember he's still less than 2 years old! Tori posted this photo on his first birthday last year, sharing how much their family had loved having him around. 

    "I definitely forgot what it was like to raise a puppy but boy did this pup make it worth it. We love you so much Murphy," she wrote. "Thank you for always testing my cleaning skills, cleaning up our table scraps (sometimes from the table), keeping us laughing, sticking by Jackson’s side, and for loving us -- always."

  • We're ready for more dog pics whenever! 

    Few things brighten our day more than when we get to see a cute dog appear on our Instagram feeds ... and we definitely award bonus points to photos of dogs like Murphy with adorable kids in them too. He's lucky to have found a home with the Roloffs, and it's pretty clear that they're just as lucky to have him. There's truly nothing like the love and friendship of a dog, and it appears Murphy's got plenty of both.