Jenna Dewan's Baby Son Makes His TikTok Debut in Adorable Video

Jenna Dewan with son Callum

It's been a little over a month since Jenna Dewan gave birth to her first child with fiancé Steve Kazee, and he's been stealing our hearts ever since. Baby Callum is a precious mix of the two and appears to be a star in the making, taking after his celebrity mom and dad. Callum Kazee just made his TikTok debut, and when we say it's too cute for words, do believe us.

  • Callum is front and center in Steve's first TikTok video.

    "I was told by @jennadewan that I have to be on @tiktok so I guess I’m on @tiktok #boop #happywifehappylife," Steve Kazee joked in his caption.

    We've been seeing a lot of Callum Michael Rebel Kazee these days, which is a real treat. In the past, Jenna and ex Channing Tatum have been very private about sharing photos and videos of their daughter, Everly Tatum, so it's great to see so many fun updates -- and close-up moments -- of Callum.

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  • He's basically a social media sensation at this point.

    Instagram comments

    "This is great! What better way to star than with your little man," one of Steve's followers responded after seeing the video.

    "I know your baby's face so well that I knew it was him before I saw who posted it," wrote another about Callum being so cute.

    Can't say we disagree!

  • Jenna Dewan also got in on the TikTok action, reminding us she knows how to hit a dance step like it's NBD.

    "Okay okay okay...I’m here @tiktok! Challenge accepted @sarafoster!" Jenna Dewan captioned her TikTok video to Justin Bieber's "Intentions" challenge.

    "I need to understand how a body can move like this. Especially a body that had a baby 4 weeks ago," Sara Foster, Jenna's friend who challenged her, wrote in response to the clip. "I will delete myself doing this dance, burn all traces of it and never dance again. You are perfection."

  • Life in the Dewan-Kazee household has been pretty eventful as of late.

    Earlier this month, Jenna revealed Callum hit an impressive milestone: He's basically a boss at lifting up his head.

    (So cute!)

    Jenna's videos she shared on Instagram Stories showed just how determined her little guy was to keep his head up, which is basically all any of us can do these days -- literally or figuratively speaking.

  • Keep the updates coming, guys!

    Y'all ... we cannot deal with how cuddly Callum is!! Just look at this photo! "I don't know who needs to see this right now but here you go... The Thinker or The Stinker," Steve captioned the snap.

    Seriously, please keep the Callum updates coming.

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