Pregnant Leighton Meester Shuts Down Critic Who Called Her 'Fat'

Leighton Meester

Many celebrities end up being the subject of trolls' insults, and former Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester is no exception. When she went live on Instagram earlier this week, Leighton shared she'd been called fat -- even though she's currently expecting baby number two with husband Adam Brody -- and we're glad she called the haters out, because no one deserves to be spoken to like that. 

  • Leighton went on Instagram Live Wednesday with 'Single Parents' costar Kimrie Louis, opening up about the incident.

    For those of us who have tuned in when someone goes live on Instagram, we know we can send comments through the feed that the person broadcasting can see in real time, and Leighton wasted no time calling out someone who used that particular feature of the app to be rude to her.

    "Somebody just told me I got fat. That's really nice," Leighton Meester said without missing a beat, as Kimrie chimed in that it was "not nice."

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  • Earlier this month, news broke that Leighton and Adam are expecting their second kid. 

    Adam Brody, Leighton Meester
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    This celebrity mom and her husband are already parents to their 4-year-old daughter, Arlo, who we now know is set to become a big sister later this year. Being that Leighton and Adam have always kept their personal life as private as possible -- especially when it comes to their kid -- it's no surprise that they haven't shared many details quite yet, but it's definitely still exciting news. 

    It's never OK to call anyone fat -- pregnant or not.

  • The first baby bump photos of Leighton have also surfaced. 

    Here she is, looking cute as can be while she's out and about wearing overalls. Clearly, she's an adorable expectant mom -- and she definitely doesn't deserve to be picked on while she's chatting with friends on Instagram like anyone else.

    We're glad Leighton didn't ignore that comment and just let it slide. If someone wants to be so rude in such a public way, that person should be called out.

  • Fortunately, the rest of her live session was much more uneventful. 

    Leighton even talked about celebrating her birthday on April 9, which sounded pretty low key but still a lot of fun, especially since it was mostly about eating yummy food. 

    "I went nowhere," she said. "I got a Passover brisket and kugel delivered and coconut macarons and lots of soup. I had a cake as well, a chocolate 3-grain cake. I ate it all, the whole thing. It was better than my midday cereal. It was very good and wonderful."

    Sounds great to us, too!

  • Here's hoping she doesn't take the haters seriously.

    Honestly, at this point, we all have enough to deal with, being that all of our daily routines have been so radically changed. Leighton should get to enjoy this quality time with her family -- especially because Arlo won't be an only child for much longer! 

    No matter what the critics say, Leighton is gorgeous, and hopefully, she'll keep entertaining us on Insta, despite what some mean people might say.

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