Tori Roloff Opens Up About Getting Emotional After Finding Out Lilah Has Dwarfism

Tori Roloff during Little People, Big World

For those who don't know (a lot has been going on), season 20 of Little People, Big World is back and in full effect. Thus far, there've been some happy moments and a touch of drama since the premiere episode March 31, as fans of this reality star family get an inside look at everything from Amy's transition from the farm to the future arrival of Tori and Zach's daughter, Lilah. (Spoiler: She's here and is a beautiful 4-month-old.) Tori Roloff is opening up about last night's episode after getting emotional when the doctor confirmed Lilah has dwarfism.

  • During Tuesday's episode, Zach and Tori head to the doctor's office for a check-up on their baby on the way.

    "It's the anatomy scan. They do all the bones and joints and make sure they have 10 fingers and 10 toes," Tori mentioned during the episode. 

    "I think it's just important that our baby is healthy," she added.

    Zach soon chimes in about their 2-year-old son, Jackson Roloff, and how thankful he is their little one hasn't had any issues with dwarfism. "He is very blessed, so I hope that carries over when we have baby girl -- whether she's average height or a dwarf," Tori note. 

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  • Shortly after the ultrasound, the couple found out their daughter would also have dwarfism.

    "We are in a bit of a shock, but we always knew there would be a 50/50 chance," Zach told cameras during the episode. "It's a lot to process."

    Thankfully, their baby girl on the way was healthy (all a parent can hope for), but that did not stop Tori and Zach from thinking about the potential hurdles their child could have navigating the world as a little person.

    "It's hard to hear that your kid is different," Tori Roloff told cameras. "With dwarves, you just never know."

    "It's a little bit more emotionally heavy when you know that you're going to have a child that's potentially going to have more issues, or maybe have a different path than 95% of the other kids in the world," Zach added.

  • Since the episode aired, Tori Roloff took to Instagram to address the emotions she felt about the reality Lilah would have to navigate.

    "Social media can be such a fun place. I try all the time to make it positive and uplifting for others. Social media can also be a place where emotions run high," she wrote in her post. "I tend to be an extremely empathetic person. I can get really anxious reading others stories especially when it comes to kids. I think I tend to deflect my own feelings because I know others are going through far worse things than I am."

  • "I got extremely emotional about finding out Lilah had dwarfism. I remember that morning so clearly," she writes.

    She continued:

    "I was on social media and found out that a friend of mine who was a month further along than I was at the time, was having issues with her pregnancy. That day she found out that she may never get to meet her baby. I remember being so absolutely heartbroken for her and her family. So when I went to our doctor appointment and found out Lilah has dwarfism I remember feeling guilty for being worried. Because at least my daughter was healthy. At least I would get to hold her. I would get to meet her.

    There are people out there that have way more difficult journeys than I do but that doesn’t discredit my own feelings. The same goes for everyone. It’s okay to feel whatever you’re going through. It was harder for me to process having a girl but to have a girl with dwarfism is new territory for me. It’s nerve wracking for sure but I can already tell Lilah Ray is one tough girlsie."

  • Tori is thankful her children are healthy and couldn't help but gush over 'LPBW' fans who have been so supportive of her family every step of the way.

    "I just want to say thank you for the positive support from tonight’s show. That’s why we do what we do," the mom of two continued in her post about Lilah Roloff

    "It’s sometimes hard for me to share so many emotions but if I can help one other person it’s all worth it. Feel what you’re feeling and never feel guilty for it -- that’s what I’ve learned. I know my Lilah Ray is going to be just fine because she was made in His image -- she’s just the way she’s meant to be. And ps -- my friends baby was born healthy as can be!!"

  • We love this family so much!

    Tori has opened up about raising a child with dwarfism in the past. She's been completely transparent, answering fan questions about dwarfism and sharing pretty intimate moments of her family's journey. We're so thankful for her and Zach sharing their life on screen that shines a light other parents can use to help guide the way.