Tori Roloff & Her Family Make TikTok Debut in Adorable Video

Tori Roloff, Jackson Roloff, Lilah Roloff, Zach Roloff

Every time Tori and Zach Roloff share an update on their adorable family, we just can't get enough, but their latest upload to social media may end up being our favorite -- at least for now. It's official: Tori and her family made their TikTok debut with the cutest video ever, and even Jackson got involved (and plenty of their friends, too). 

  • The video features Tori, Zach, and Jackson dancing -- and plenty of their friends as well. 

    "When you’re forced to stay 6 feet away from your best friends you force them to do TikTok videos," Tori Roloff wrote. "We gave them 30 minutes to learn this dance and then showed up on their curbs to video them!! Trying to make some happy memories during these crazy times! I hope this brings a smile to your face!! Ps. No contact was made during the filming of these videos." 

    That's pretty funny -- and the dance actually turned out pretty good!

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  • And don't think we didn't catch one of the cutest members of the fam at the end of the video! 

    Yes, that is Miss Ember Roloff, showing off her moves! We're a little bummed that her parents, Audrey and Jeremy, don't seem to be in this video, but honestly, Ember's appearance is more than enough. And so is Jackson's, right in the very beginning. These little ones certainly have the rhythm.

    Plus, we'll watch toddlers dance in a driveway any day. This video definitely made us smile! 

  • This video seems to be a huge hit. 

    Instagram comments

    It looks like we're not the only ones who thought Ember and Jackson's dancing was the highlight of the video! 

    Social distancing during a global health crisis definitely isn't the most fun we've ever had, but it's good to see that Tori and her friends are making the most of an otherwise bummer of a situation. And best of all? We have a feeling that the little ones don't even know the difference, which is nice to think about.

  • When she's not making TikTok videos, it looks like Tori's keeping herself busy with photography. 

    Last week, she shared these gorgeous pics of Jackson, Lilah, Zach, and even their dog, Murphy. If nothing else, she's getting some seriously pretty shots of the people she loves most with all her spare time! 

    "There are no other people (or pets) I’d rather be in self isolation (or whatever we’re calling it today) with," she wrote. "I do feel bad for my kids and husbabe though ... I keep subjecting them all to taking photos. I guess that’s how I’ve been dealing with it all -- doing something I love. Sorry not sorry."

  • We can only hope more TikTok videos are on their way.

    And next time, we want to see Audrey and Jeremy get in on it, too -- and maybe even the babies? We're never going to say no to new pics and footage of Bode and Lilah for any reason! In the meantime, we're just glad that Little People, Big World is back to entertain us in these days we're stuck inside, but we might be getting a little inspired to make a TikTok video of our own ...