Chrissy Teigen's Quarantine Photo Shows the Reality of Social Distancing With Kids

Chrissy Teigen, Luna Stephens, John Legend, Miles Stephens

Social distancing is hard enough on its own (we miss the outside world!), but it looks like celebrity moms are going through it, too -- and that includes Chrissy Teigen. On Wednesday, Chrissy shared a quarantine photo that shows what the reality of self-isolating with kids is really like, and we just have to laugh. We've all been there before, but kid mischief seems to be at an all-time high these days ...

  • In her photo, Chrissy showed how impossible it is to get anything done with a kid at home. 

    Here Chrissy Teigen is, standing at the kitchen counter, attempting to cook and look at her laptop at the same time, but Luna is interrupting her just a bit by hiding under her robe -- practically exposing her mom for the world to see (or at least their household).

    Yep, this looks pretty familiar to us! 

    "If u are thinking about having children, wonderful! But know u can't do [expletive] alone ever again ever," Chrissy wrote.

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  • She's been sharing all of the updates from being stuck inside with her kids all along. 

    It's definitely not fun to be cooped up inside -- especially not while also stressing out about the current thing going on in the world that shall not be named. But as far as we can tell, Chrissy and  John seem to be making the most of it. They're getting plenty of quality family time in, and it seems like Luna and Miles are pretty happy to be at home with both of their parents at the same time.

  • Fortunately, it looks like Luna's been pretty good at entertaining herself.

    Here she is, putting on her makeup while her mom watches (and while wearing a pretty stylish Rapunzel dress; let's not forget that little detail). 

    Luna's at such a fun age. (We can hardly believe she's already almost 4 years old!) When she's not busy hiding under her mom's robe, it appears she's doing a good job at keeping herself busy, even when that includes makeovers.

  • And Miles seems pretty happy, too. 

    Chrissy also shared this video of Miles dancing along to his dad's new song "Actions," and he seems to be loving it (along with the rest of us). Despite the weird hand of cards that 2020 has dealt all of us, it appears Chrissy and John's kids are handling the whole thing pretty well. 

    Aside from interrupting their mom when she's trying to cook and invading her personal space, of course ... 

  • We're looking forward to more updates from this family.

    Their Instagram and Twitter updates are giving us life during a time when we desperately need happy, funny, and cute things to distract us ... and we can only hope that another Instagram Live stream is on the way of John singing live as his family looks on. 

    Keep those photos and videos of Luna and Miles coming, Chrissy. If nothing else, we can all commiserate on how impossible it is to be productive (especially with kids in the house) at a time like this.

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