Mark Wahlberg's Quarantine Makeover 'Hack Job' Sums Up Life as a Parent Today

Mark Wahlberg with daughter Grace

What's a parent supposed to do stuck in the house with his family for what feels like an eternity? Get his nails and makeup done, that's what. It seems Mark Wahlberg is getting pampered by one of his kiddos, and instead of it being the royal treatment, it kinda took at turn for the worse super fast.


But hey, at least he's a good sport about the whole thing.

  • Mark took to Instagram to share a glimpse of what his life looks like over two weeks into quarantine.

    "Fifteen days into quarantine now," the action star dad said in his video. "I'm getting pedicures, manicures, and apparently a full makeup. She's got her whole kit there. Yeah, this is what's happening now."

    Mark's wife, Rhea Durham, can be seen hanging out with a drink on the other side of the table as their 10-year-old daughter, Grace, paints his hands ... and fingers.

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  • The actor later shared videos on Instagram Stories of how everything turned out.

    "I don't know if you're gonna have a career with this," Mark Wahlberg says in the first of three videos shared on his Instagram Story. Grace, who reassures him she's only good at makeup, tells her dad, "Your makeup's gonna be on fleek."

    "On fleek, what's bleak?" he responds. "On fleek. Whatever that means."

    In the second video, we get to see the finished product: bright orange and purple nails.

    "This is a hack job. Are you good at this -- have you ever done this before?!" he questions his daughter.

  • ... a little rough.

    "What the heck are you doing?" the celeb dad asks his daughter as she proceeds to do what looks to be contouring. "I thought you said you were good at makeup ... alright, that's enough."


    At least he was a good sport about the whole thing -- even if he hated the outcome. Gotta love a proud #girldad who isn't afraid to wear pink (peep his outfit) and let his daughter doll him up.

  • Needless to say, fans are in love.

    Instagram comments

    Not with the final outcome, just the sweet daddy-daughter moment.

    As a father of four, Mark is likely used to one of his kiddos -- Ella, 16, Michael, 14, Brendan, 11, or Grace, 10 -- asking him to do or try something to appease them. He seems like a pretty cool dad and quite the trooper in the participation department.

  • You're such a trooper, Mark!

    Given how serious the time we're in is, it's refreshing to see fun family videos like this. Yes, it's ... unpleasant being at home with the kiddos 24/7 (we're not even going to touch the whole homeschooling thing), so yeah, we can totally feel Mark's pain as our kiddos use us as their form of entertainment.

    Still, it's pretty darn cute.

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