Tori Roloff Shares New Photo of Her Adorable Family of 4

Tori Roloff, Lilah Roloff, Jackson Roloff

Whether we're watching them on Little People, Big World or seeing their social media updates, we've always known that Tori and Zach Roloff have the cutest family. But now, it's even more obvious, thanks to a brand-new family photo that Tori has shared. Now that they're a family of four, they took new pics, and OMG -- we're totally blown away by how gorgeous they are!

  • Tori shared this beautiful photo of her family surrounded by nature.

    Judging by the tags on Tori Roloff's photo, it seems like this is her own work. (Thanks, tripod!) We've always known that Tori was talented at photography, but this takes it to another level if the photo looks this good when she's not even standing behind the camera and pushing the button! 

    "I sure do love my people hard," Tori wrote in the caption. Yep, we'd say that's an accurate statement! 

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  • Fans can't get enough of this family's cuteness. 

    Instagram comments

    Not that we're surprised Tori's Instagram comments are all so positive: These photos are gorgeous! We can't believe how fast her kids are growing -- especially Lilah Roloff, who is now somehow a full 3 months old -- and they both look too cute in this picture. Plus, their mom and dad aren't looking too shabby, either. 

    Tori and Zach are so lucky to have such a sweet family. We hope she's planning on framing this one!

  • Tori's been all about sharing photos of her family recently. 

    And when they're this good looking, it's easy to see why! It appears Tori's been spending a lot of time outside lately, snapping pics of her kids, which is awesome. She's going to be so glad that she's captured all of these memories when her kids aren't little anymore. 

    It goes by so fast! 

    In the meantime, she's getting them used to being in front of the camera, too, which can't hurt!

  • It's been a big month for their fam. 

    Not only did Tori take these gorgeous photos and take care of her household when everyone got sick at the same time, but they also took a big trip to Disneyland with grandpa Matt Roloff and his longtime girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. Through it all, Tori keeps us all updated on their adventures -- even if it means sharing a story about her difficult plane ride home when Lilah just didn't want to cooperate. 

  • We can't wait to see more updates. 

    If there are more photos from this particular shoot, Tori should definitely share them. There's no doubt that they came out just as beautifully as the ones she has shared already. 

    In the meantime, we'll just keep oohing and aaahing over the photos that Tori's already posted of her family on Instagram. It's a big transition from a family of three to a family of four, but so far, Tori and Zach seem to be doing a great job.