Tori Roloff's Post About Jackson Is Why We Don't Want Our Kids to Grow Up

Tori Roloff, Jackson Roloff

Since Jackson Roloff was born, he and his mama, Tori Roloff, have been totally inseparable -- and if it's up to this mama, that will never change! Over the weekend, Tori shared a sweet Instagram post about wanting Jackson to stay with her forever, and there likely hasn't been a mom in the world who hasn't felt the way she's feeling right now. 

Why can't kids stay young forever?! 

  • Tori shared these photos of Jackson playing outside, along with a heartfelt caption. 

    "You have my heart forever," Tori wrote in her caption. "When I ask Jackson 'will you stay with mama forever?' He says 'yes mama...' I’m going to live in this fantasy as long as I can." 

    We can feel her on that one! We want our kids to stay with us forever, but at the same time, we're raising them to be strong, independent people who can live on their own. That's what we ultimately want for them, but man, it sucks when they fly the nest!

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  • Tori also shared some sweet new photos that included Lilah.

    We just can't get enough of how cute baby Lilah is -- and how fast she's growing now that she's already 3 months old! It's definitely an adjustment to go from having just one child to having two, especially during these newborn months, but as far as we can tell, Tori's doing an awesome job of being Lilah and Jackson's mama. 

    And honestly, this is one beautiful mother/daughter pair.

  • The family fun continued well into Sunday night. 

    Yes -- this is what we love to see! Don't get us wrong, the photos Tori Roloff snapped while the whole family was having quality time outside together are so beautiful, but there's something really special about the quieter moments they share like this one, where they're all cuddled up on the couch. Jackson and Lilah are both sound asleep, and Tori looks so happy -- and totally in her element.

  • We're glad to hear that everyone seems to be doing better in her house.

    When Tori shared Lilah's 3-month update last week, she said everyone in her house had been hit with an illness, and Lilah was feeling pretty bad. But now, it looks like everyone's health has definitely improved -- or at least enough to get out of the house and play and take photos.

    It's so hard when the whole household gets taken down by germs, but that just makes it all the more wonderful when everybody's healthy again!

  • More pics of these adorable kids, please! 

    We hope Tori's soaking in every moment she gets with them -- after all, they don't stay young forever, and eventually, Jackson and Lilah will both want to grow up and do their own thing. That's the worst, isn't it? But so far, we know this mama is doing a great job to prepare her kiddos for whatever life will throw their way, and in the meantime, it seems like she's enjoying all the time she gets to spend with them.