Shawn Johnson Reveals Fight to End Mom-Shaming After Formula Backlash

Shawn Johnson, Drew East

A lot of celebrity moms have to endure mom-shaming at some point, but Shawn Johnson isn't having it. After revealing that she was shamed over the way she feeds her daughter, Drew Hazel East, Shawn is taking a stand. In a new video on Instagram, Shawn revealed her fight to end mom-shaming for once and for all, and we love her for it. 

  • Earlier this week, Shawn shared that she felt shamed by a lactation consultant while she was trying to figure out how to breastfeed her daughter. 

    She said that she was having trouble getting Drew to latch, and when she called in the experts for advice, they shamed her for using formula, saying that she had "ruined" her baby's life.

    "I had a really bad experience with a lactation consultant and I all but kicked her out of my house because she basically said that I had ruined my child’s life because I gave her a bottle and formula," Shawn explained in an interview with People. “I was like, ‘You know what? I can't listen to this anymore.'"

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  • Now, in a new video on Instagram, Shawn is announcing a new project she's working on to end mom-shaming when it comes to using formula.

    "I wanted to talk a little bit about something that happened last week and share a bit more about my feeding journey. @Enfamil and I have teamed up this year to talk about parenthood and I’m kicking off with a 'Mommy Confessionals' where I share some of the experiences I've had so far with motherhood -- good and bad," Shawn Johnson shared. 

    We love the way that Shawn always keeps it real -- we're in! 

  • In her first edition of Mommy Confessionals, Shawn opened up about the shaming experience. 

    "As a mom, I feel like there's a huge pressure to provide everything for your little tiny human, and one of the first things is breastfeeding -- providing milk for your little girl or guy," she wrote. "And when Drew and I got home and she wouldn't latch anymore, I freaked out. I felt guilty." 

    But instead of getting the help she needed, she felt like she was being blasted for using formula -- even though other experts told her what she needed to be doing was pumping and supplementing with formula. 

  • Now, Shawn says she wants to help the internet become a more supportive place for her fellow moms.

    "I felt so alone. I was sitting on my nursery floor crying," she admitted, before sharing that the support she has gotten from other moms has made all the difference for her -- and she encouraged everyone to make the comments section of all her future "Mommy Confessionals" video the same kind of environment for moms who are looking for that support, too. 

    Such a cool idea! 

  • As far as we can tell, Shawn's doing a great job. 

    We love that she's working to bring an end to mom-shaming, because all moms are just trying to do the best they can for their babies, Shawn included. Parenthood is unpredictable, and everyone handles the situations that come up in their own way based on what information they have at the time ... no shaming necessary.

    We're looking forward to the next video in Shawn's series. More positivity is exactly what we need! 

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