Nikki Bella's Pics of Her Bare Baby Bump Have Fans Excited About Her Pregnancy

Nikki Bella

It's been close to a month since Nikki and Brie Bella revealed they're both expecting. (Yes, twins are having kids less than two weeks apart!) This is the first child for Nikki and her fiancé, Dancing With the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev, who will be in good company as Brie and her WWE hubby, Daniel Bryan, have a 2-year-old daughter named Birdie -- in addition to their baby on the way. People are so excited for Nikki and are over the moon with the recent pics the pro wrestler shared of her growing bump.

  • Nikki took to the 'Gram to post a series of photos of her growing baby bump.

    "Hi, my little baby! 16 weeks today!" the mom-to-be gushed in her Instagram post.

    Nikki's baby news is truly bittersweet as anyone who's watched her on Total Divas (or Total Bellas for that matter) has seen the ups and downs she went through to become a mom. Prior to her relationship with Artem, Nikki and wrestler John Cena were in a relationship from 2012 to 2018. John proposed on Wrestlemania back in 2017, after much back and forth between the two over marriage and kids. (Nikki wanted a family while John did not.) After calling off their wedding in 2018, John said he would "sacrifice" and give Nikki the child she always wanted, but the pair ended up going their separate ways in summer 2018 -- eventually starting new relationships.

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  • Nikki and Artem are over the moon to become parents.

    The couple, who have been together since January 2019, recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight to talk about their unexpected baby news.

    "I kept getting these thoughts in my head to take a test. I did not think it would say positive at all," Nikki revealed on the show about finding out she was pregnant. "And I put the test on his bag and he literally walked in and was like, 'Is this yours?' and I'm like, 'No, I went in and grabbed Brie's pregnancy's test and put it on your suitcase!?'"

  • And they'll be in good company as Brie and hubby Brian are expecting their second child.

    "Brie and Bryan were trying for baby number two for eight months, and literally had fun one night and Brie got pregnant," Nikki said. "Like when Brie came to me and told me she was pregnant I was like, no way!" adding that she didn't know that she was pregnant and "found out a few days later."

    But not only are Brie and Nikki pregnant at the same time, but it looks like they got pregnant at the same place, too.

    "By the way, I love it because it happened at Brie and Bryan’s house, but whatever. It was while we were staying with you guys," Nikki revealed on their Bellas Podcast about where the magic of conception happened.

    "Should we have our babies at my house too?" Brie later joked.

  • Needless to say, people are thrilled for Nikki.

    Instagram comments

    So many of her fans flooded the Instagram post of her growing baby bump, gushing over her finally becoming a mom. Like we said, anyone who has followed Nikki Bella's journey knows how much -- and how long -- she's wanted to become a mother.

    It's finally happening!

  • We're so excited for her!

    ... and Brie Bella, too!

    We can only imagine all of the fun adventures Nikki is going to have, especially with her sister pregnant by her side. Given how different their personalities and styles are, we already know things will be night and day.

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