Lactation Consultant Tells Shawn Johnson She 'Ruined' Baby's Life Because of Formula

Shawn Johnson, Drew East

Since becoming a celebrity mom, we know Shawn Johnson has been all about keeping it real when it comes to her experience, and now, the Olympian is opening up about one of the more difficult things she's faced. In a new interview, Shawn shared that she was mom-shamed for using formula when breastfeeding didn't end up working out for her and baby Drew ... but she definitely didn't deserve that. 

  • Shawn said that although she tried to breastfeed Drew for the first week of her life, a good latch just wasn't happening.

    In fact, in her interview with People, Shawn called feeding time a "wrestling match." 

    "I would be bawling, she would be bawling and screaming ’cause she was hungry, but she wouldn’t eat and she wouldn’t latch anymore," she said. 

    Yep, that sounds like a pretty miserable experience for everyone involved ... and sometimes, that's just the way things go. Every baby is different! 

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  • Shawn enlisted the help of lactation consultant, but that's where the mom-shaming came in.

    "I had a really bad experience with a lactation consultant and I all but kicked her out of my house because she basically said that I had ruined my child’s life because I gave her a bottle and formula," she said. “I was like, ‘You know what? I can't listen to this anymore.'"

    Nor should she have to! Breastfeeding is a personal choice, and like we said, it doesn't always work out the way we hoped or had planned. As long as baby Drew was being fed, nothing else matters. That's why formula exists, after all. 

  • In the end, Shawn decided to pump and feed Drew both breast milk and formula -- even though she still felt guilty.

    "You have this natural feeling of responsibility that you have to provide for your baby and part of it is supplying milk, and when you can't give that to your child in whatever way or reason, you already feel a little guilty," she explained. "You feel like you’re not setting them up for life, and when people give their opinions and say ‘breast is best,’ it just makes you feel like a failure. I hated that."

    Shawn's definitely not the first mom to feel that way, but as far as we can tell, she's doing an awesome job so far ... and Drew certainly seems like a happy baby. 

  • Fellow mamas are showing Shawn all kinds of support. 

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    As these comments point out, everyone's journey with their baby is a different one, and all that matters is that baby is eating. Lots of moms, like Shawn, plan and hope to breastfeed, but sometimes, our bodies and babies have their own plans that don't exactly match up with ours, and that seems to be what happened with Shawn and Drew

    Being a parent is already stressful enough without all the extra stress and judgment! 

  • And despite this particular struggle, Shawn is obviously so in love with being a mom.

    “It’s just insane how much you love your baby ... every single day, being able to see her grow and change and learn. She’s just a tiny human,” she told People. “It’s so cool to think that we made her. It’s the greatest job I’ve ever been given in my life.”

    And so far, this former Olympian is absolutely killing it at that job -- and we think baby Drew would probably agree. 

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