Tori Roloff's 3-Month Update About Baby Lilah Has Fans Concerned About Her Health

Lilah Roloff and Tori Roloff

Since Lilah Roloff's birth last year, mama Tori Roloff has been filling fans in on all the ups and downs, and this week, it's time for another monthly update. On Wednesday, Tori celebrated Lilah's 3-month milestone with a sweet photo on Instagram showing how much she's grown, but unfortunately, it also sounds like this month hasn't been an easy one for poor Lilah. 

  • Tori shared these new photos, letting her followers know it's been an "eventful" month. 

    Tori wrote that everyone in her house is sick right now, including Lilah, but she's one tough baby and doesn't look as miserable as she probably feels.

    "She still has her moments of smiley girlsie but we immediately put our jammies back on after this little photoshoot and she’s napping as I write this," Tori Roloff wrote in her post. "She has not one but two viruses but honestly is handling it like a freaking champ. Praying we’re almost out of the hole! Having a sick infant is no joke and is scary when you literally can’t help them. But this girl is a strong one and this mama is stronger too."

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  • Tori also shared a happier update about what Lilah has been up to.

    "Lilah has gained some major neck control!" Tori shared. "She was only waking once a night (praying this happens again once we kick this bug). Lilah weighs 12 pounds! She went on her first airplane ride. She went to Disneyland. She recognizes mama dada and baby j! She has found her hands and loves to suck on them. She’s showed us all she’s a strong girl and can fight through anything!" 

    Sounds like this baby girl is right on target. We're so glad to hear it!

  • Fans are rooting for Lilah to get well soon. 

    Instagram comments

    So many of Tori's followers are leaving such sweet comments on Tori's Instagram post, wishing Lilah well. It's terrible to have a sick household, especially when that household includes a 3-month-old baby. But it sounds like she and her mom are trucking along, and hopefully, this won't last for her much longer, because we have a feeling Tori's probably exhausted!

  • It's been a big month for Tori and her fam already. 

    Aside from Lilah getting another month older and the family coming down with something, Tori and Zach also recently took their kids on a vacation to Disneyland, including Zach's dad, Matt Roloff, and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. The plane ride was a rough one for Lilah and Tori, but they made it through that experience -- we don't doubt they'll make it through a little illness, too. 

  • We can't wait for more updates on Lilah. 

    It's been so much fun seeing this little one grow -- especially to see the bond that she and her big brother, Jackson, have already. The older she gets, we know the closer they'll become (although they already make a pretty darn adorable pair). 

    Here's hoping that everyone in Tori's house is healthy and feeling like themselves again soon. We'll definitely be thinking of them!