18 Celebrity Fathers Who Wear the #GirlDad Title With Pride

18 Celebrity Fathers Who Wear the #GirlDad Title With Pride
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Ryan Reynolds with his daughters
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The heartbreaking news that basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, perished in a helicopter crash brought to light just how dedicated he was to his four girls. He coached Gianna’s basketball team and proudly said that she was better than him at his age. When his wife, Vanessa Bryant, wanted to try for a boy for their fourth child, he once told a reporter that he preferred being surrounded by daughters. "I would have five more girls if I could," ESPN anchor Elle Duncan remembered him saying to her, in a tribute that inspired the hastag #girldad. "I love being a girl dad." No wonder dads everywhere took to social media to share their own stories as a tribute to him and the special privilege they felt being a girl dad is, and that included celebrity dads.

Being the father of girls is more than just a title; it means dedicating just as much time to a daughter as a dad would to a boy, and encouraging her to dream big -- no matter what the dream is. It means being supportive when life takes unexpected turns. It means daddy-daughter dances, learning to braid hair, and doing ballet in the living room if that’s what makes her happy. 
So which star dads do those things and more, earning our admiration? Read on to find out who made it to our list of 18 favorite celeb girl dads.

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