Inside Jenna Dewan's New Home With Boyfriend Steve Kazee

Inside Jenna Dewan's New Home With Boyfriend Steve Kazee
Image: Courtesy of AllModern

jenna dewan in her back patio with her dog
Courtesy of AllModern

As if we needed another reason to love Jenna Dewan, the actress, dancer, and Flirty Dancing host recently furnished her new Los Angeles home and then showed us the drool-worthy pictures, but with a very un-Hollywood twist: The pieces are available on AllModern, and many of them have, well, very un-Hollywood prices.

In a collaboration with the online furniture retailer -- which offers modern pieces in a range of price points -- and designer-turned-decorator Erin Featherston, the pregnant Jenna, who is due to give birth to her first child with boyfriend Steve Kazee, showed off her nesting skills in a big way. She and Featherston decorated her living room, dining room, bedroom, and outdoor spaces, creating an overall inviting and chill space that we instantly wanted to emulate. 

And, as it turns out, we can!

Jenna's collaboration is cool on a couple of different fronts. For starters, it shows once again that she's one of the most-down-to-earth and open celebrities in Hollywood -- and it only endears her to us all the more. Second, it was smart on her part. Her new 7,000-square-foot home, which she moved into with Steve and daughter Everly, is actually a rental -- so buying a mix of high-end and affordable pieces makes sense. 

These are pieces she can take with her wherever she goes, no matter the style of home. Streamlined coffee tables that can adorn any room. Lamps that are beautiful and practical. Even cushions whose simplicity can easily transform any space.

Portability may have been on Jenna's mind, but her main concern in decorating her new home is, of course, creating a space for her growing and changing family. Where just a couple of years ago, she was married to Channing Tatum and living with him and Everly, she's undergone lots of changes since then. She and Everly lived on their own, then Kazee came along, and soon, a baby will join them. There's nothing like giving a home a fresh look to go with a fresh start. 

Here's a look at Jenna's new home and furnishings, as well as a guide to how to get some of our favorite pieces.

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  • Living Beautifully

    Pregnant Jenna Dewan and designer Erin Fetherston
    Courtesy of AllModern

    Nothing says California chic like unfussy furniture and big glass windows to let in lots of all that wonderful sunshine. The earth tones in Jenna's living room -- greens and browns of the couch, coffee table, and accessories -- and the natural textures featured are anything but boring and echo the home's coastal setting. We could seriously live on that gorgeous green velvet couch.

  • Way Beyond Coffee


    This is the biggest splurge of Jenna's AllModern pieces, but it's 100% worth the price. The definition of a conversation piece, this work of art made in the Phillipines mesmerizes with its ocean wave-like freeform shape created with inlaid rattan pieces. If our parents' wicker pieces had looked like this, we would have kept them as heirlooms.

    Oggetti Showtime Abstract Coffee Table (AllModern, $3,500)

  • More Than a Couch

    jenna dewan living room
    Courtesy of AllModern

    This beautifully put-together living room deserves another look. Particularly stunning is the green couch, which is a whole country but still doesn't dwarf the room. This room pretty much nails Jenna's priorities for furnishings: "Clean. Comfort is key," she told AllModern. 

    "A great couch to lay on with the kiddos as well as comfortable chairs that are also easy to clean. Also round edges on coffee tables help as well!"

  • Green Couch


    At 129 inches, or nearly 11 feet wide, this is green couch is one generous giant and needs a little breathing room. But then again, its low profile and simplicity make it seem smaller somehow. It combines high design and comfort in one piece, and it's a relative bargain. 

    Bobby Berk Upholstered Olafur 3-Piece Sofa (AllModern, $2,400)

  • Welcome!

    credenza, woven basket and mirror in jenna dewan's living room
    Courtesy of AllModern

    Leading into Jenna's living room is this well-composed and welcoming corner with a green-gray stained credenza, a basket and vase in natural fiber and stone, respectively, and perfect round mirror, a natural stop for checking that every hair is in place.

    We. Love. It.

  • Mirror, Mirror


    A generously sized mirror like this one amplifies the amount of light in a room, without overpowering the wall because it's miraculously thin -- just 1 inch deep.  Best of all, this model comes in several sizes and colors for the frame. 

    Needville Modern & Contemporary Accent Mirror (AllModern, starting at $83)

  • Cozy Corner

    jenna dewan sitting in a corner of her living room
    Courtesy of AllModern

    A very pregnant Jenna Dewan looks perfectly content in this area of her living room, which has such a fresh feel to it -- thanks to its ultra white chairs, shag rug, and wall, and a pared-down side table, all set against the green of the backyard trees. But we're also picturing this spot at night, with the lights off and candles on. 

    So relaxing.

  • Drum Table


    There is nothing shabby about this drum-shaped table featured in Jenna's living room. It's actually meticulously made with salvaged wood pieces that have been hand-distressed and polished for a distinctive look that showcases their natural grains, colors, and markings. It also has a tray-style top that prevents things from rolling off.  

    Norton Coffee Table (AllModern, $484)

  • High Style on the Side

    Courtesy of AllModern

    Here's another lovely moment in Jenna's home: A blend of textures that come together harmoniously. We love the play on shapes here, with the sideboard's vertical geometry and the accessories' rounded shapes. It may be a direct result of blending Jenna and Steve's styles, as described by Jenna herself. 

    "Steve likes a more minimalistic look and has amazing taste," she told AllModern. "I tend to go more feminine and mystical in my tastes but we easily found a happy medium."  

  • Geometric Sideboard


    Made of reclaimed pine and fir, this sideboard looks sleek and modern, thanks to its straight lines and simple, bronze-finished metal frame. It features two storage compartments and is one of the most versatile pieces in a home. Originally used to store china, utensils, and cloth napkins in a dining room, they can be used in any room where small things need to be kept out of sight: home  office, bedroom, or living room.    

    Kershner Sideboard (AllModern, $2,000)

  • Reading Nook

    jenna's living room
    Courtesy of AllModern

    Jenna has said that one of the challenges of decorating her new rental house was that she wasn't able to make any structural changes, only cosmetic ones. So we know that she didn't install the floating shelves and cabinet in this picture, but we do know that she turned this corner into a great place to sit and read -- or sit and observe a party crowd.   

  • Sculpture


    One of the most eye-catching aspects of this reading corner is the cool squiggly sculpture at the top of the shelves. It's a never-ending curve made of aluminum and painted (seen here in the black option), and gives an otherwise laid-back home a bit of an industrial edge. No two Carlucci sculptures are alike, so we're guaranteed to have a unique piece of art.   

    Carlucci Sculpture (AllModern, $170)

  • A Place To Relax

    Jenna Dewan house tour
    Courtesy of AllModern

    This area has a lot to look at. Great decorative accents that need a couch like the one here to not clash with everything else going on. We think Jenna is very brave to have a light, cream-colored couch with an elementary school-age child and a newborn baby coming soon. (How long will it remain pristine?) But there's no mistaking that she's got amazing taste -- and very likely, a great house cleaning service!

  • Slim Couch


    This couch makes sense in so many ways. Not only is it lovely, with clean, slim lines for distinctly modern flair, but it also has an Earth-friendly feature: Its cushions are made of environmentally friendly foam. Bonus: The cushion covers are removable for easy cleaning.

    Naomi Sofa (AllModern, $780)

  • Clear & Bright 

    jenna dewan standing by her dining table at home
    Courtesy of AllModern

    This picture gives us a great sense of just how light and airy Jenna's house is. No wonder she chose to keep the decoration low-key, or as she describes her style, "warm, calm, and chic." Though that staircase is cutting edge modern, with its transparent sides and visible rivets, Jenna brought a nice balance to the room with a warm wood dining table and leather chairs.     

  • Leather Armchair


    We love how this chair cleverly updates mid-century design, and we love its unusual pale brown color. Made from white oak and camel leather, the chair's low profile and simple design mean that it will fit right in with a variety of tables. 

    Clutch Leather Armchair (AllModern, $549)

  • Outdoor Love

    jenna dewan's dog sitting in her back patio
    Courtesy of AllModern

    Honestly, if this were our backyard, we'd do everything here: nap, eat, lounge, play on our tablets, or hang out with Jenna's adorable pup, which we'd totally dognap. It's just such an inviting space. The huge area makes it great for parties, and the combination solid floor and grass borders would make a great dance floor while keeping the vibe natural.  

  • Wicker End Table


    This is a clever take on a garden stool, which is usually made of ceramic. This rattan and mango wood piece from Indonesia is ultra-strong (it can hold up to 275 pounds, so feel free to sit on it!) , beautiful (it comes in different finishes), and versatile for either outdoor or indoor use. 

    Andersen End Table (AllModern, $153)

  • Dining Al Fresco

    jenna dewan's outdoor dining room set
    Courtesy of AllModern

    We can just imagine all the relaxed Sunday breakfasts that Jenna, her kiddos, and boyfriend Steve will enjoy while sitting at this modern but comfy dining table and chairs, while enjoying a gentle California breeze. 

    What a life.

  • Curvy Chairs


    The legs and base of this chair are made from sustainable eucalyptus wood, a material being used more and more as we move toward more environmentally friendly furniture. The chair's molded resin design makes it so comfy, and it is triple-coated to withstand anything Mother Nature wants to throw its way. But the piece also elegant enough to use indoors. 

    Woolford Patio Sidechair, set of four (Allmodern, $680)

  • Like a Spa

    jenna dewan in her back patio with her dog
    Courtesy of AllModern

    Jenna's back patio is more like a very well-appointed resort. Seriously, just look at that lounge chair lineup in the background. She either has a lot of friends, or she's expanding into the hospitality business. Either way, can we come over?  

  • Driftwood Coffee Table


    Jenna very smartly included lots of beach vibe in her home, but it's all really subtle, not super on-the-nose. That makes more direct coastal references -- like this drop dead gorgeous driftwood coffee table a lovely touch. We love how the gnarled and pockmarked wood contrasts the simplicity of the glass top.

    Coffee Table (AllModern, $1,400)

  • Let's Get Comfy

    Courtesy of AllModern

    What a nice and sunny spot to hang out by ourselves (self-care time!) or with the fam. When asked what her favorite thing to do at home is, Jenna told AllModern that it was all about "cuddling with family and sharing in good conversations!" As cliche as it sounds, life really is all about the simple things. 

  • Throw Pillow


    Although most of us would be happy to spend about $15 for a cute throw pillow, and that's fine, some pillows are worth a splurge -- and this is one of them. The Brashears cotton throw pillow's generous size, gorgeous color, and fuzzy appliques add up to plenty of style. Plus, the fact that it's 100 percent soft cotton, makes it a special item to cozy up to.  

    Brashears Cotton Throw Pillow (AllModern, $133)

  • In the Bedroom

    jenna dewan sitting on her bed
    Courtesy of AllModern

    Not many people are brave enough to decorate a bedroom with black, because we usually associate our most intimate room with soft, relaxing colors. But Jenna went the opposite direction, and it works really well because she keeps the black accents strategic and limited (the bedframe and nightstand, the pattern on the rug) and softens them with textured pieces.

  • Knitted Throw


    There are so many things to like about Jenna's bedroom, but this may be our favorite. Like a great big hug just waiting around for a person, this ultra-plush, acrylic Danish-style throw is the ultimate  partner for naps or TV watching.

    Throw (AllModern, $209)

  • Made To Chill

    jenna dewan's bedroom
    Courtesy of AllModern

    Jenna is lovely, but let's take another look at the bedroom without her in it, the better to see how all her decoration work hangs together. Lots of Hollywood stars love to ply their personal spaces with luxurious items, but we have to admire how refreshing and inviting this is. Oftentimes, less really is more.

  • Marble Lamp


    This lamp is the soul of simplicity but oh so beautiful, and it becomes even more so the closer look we take. It comes with a drum-shaped linen shade and features a glass detail at the top of the base. But of course, it is the base that is the stunner here. It's made of cream and white marble set off with gray lightning-bolt like striations. 

    A vision.  

    Chulmleigh Table Lamp (AllModern, $220)

  • Round Robin

    Courtesy of AllModern

    Set at the back edge of Jenna's patio, these bamboo outdoor daybeds -- which we didn't even know were a thing, but what an awesome idea! -- would give anyone sitting in them an amazing view of the entire area. Can we say, "cocktail party perch"? 

    Yes, we can. 

  • Sustainable Bamboo Daybed