Audrey Roloff Celebrates Baby Bode Turning 1 Month With a Precious Update

Audrey Roloff, Bode Roloff, Ember Roloff

It feels like just yesterday that Audrey Roloff was announcing the birth of her son, Bode James Roloff, and now, he's already hitting a major milestone! On Wednesday, Audrey celebrated Bode turning 1 month old with the sweetest Instagram post about her little boy's life so far, and we can't get enough of these adorable new photos of him, either.

  • Audrey shared photos of Bode at 1 month old, along with a bonus one that included Ember.

    "I can’t believe how sweet, calm, and cuddly he is," Audrey Roloff wrote. "Also, I didn’t know it was possible for newborns to sleep so well... I keep asking myself, is it a baby #2 thing, a boy thing, or a big baby thing? Not that Ember was a horrible sleeper, but it definitely took her a few months to figure out. Bode on the other hand wakes up once around 3 am with the most polite little grunts and then goes back to sleep until about 8! I honestly feel a little guilty about the amount of sleep we’ve been getting in this newborn phase... but my aching pelvic bones remind me to just accept the gift." 

    Yes, she should definitely accept the gift. She's lucking out with all that sleep!

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  • Audrey went on to share more about Bode -- and his hair. 

    "He smiles when we 'coo' at him and Ember asks me, 'You an owl mama?' The cute newborn outfits already don’t fit him," she continued. "We think he might have a twinge more red in his hair than Ember did, and it definitely looks like it’s gonna be curly but time will tell." 

    Two adorable redheaded little ones? Too sweet, especially if Bode does end up with curly hair, just like his mama. 

  • Audrey shared other adorable one-month shots of her kiddos on her Instagram story too. 

    Every update on Bode and Ember that we've seen so far tells us that these two are going to be the best of friends as they both get older, and it's sweet to see the bond that they already have going on. It's definitely a big transition going from one kid to two, especially when the first is still so little, but despite the ups and downs, so far, it seems Audrey is doing a pretty great job at being a mom of two.

  • Bode is truly such a sweet baby. 

    Audrey's been open about how her postpartum issues have been affecting her, like mastitis and symphysis pubic dysfunction, so we know that the past month definitely hasn't been an easy one for her. But having a little guy like this to cuddle and love on must help at least a little, and we're glad to hear that he's letting his mama sleep and recover like she needs to. 

    What a precious kid! 

  • We're looking forward to more Bode updates.

    This little man is already growing so fast, and we can tell that his family is totally over the moon for him (especially his big sister, as we can see in these photos). He's still so tiny, though, and hopefully, his mama will continue to keep us updated like she has -- as long as these two troublemakers aren't keeping her too busy.

    Happy one month, Bode!