Brie & Nikki Bella Reveal They Conceived Their Babies at the Same Place

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Nikki Bella, Brie Bella
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When it comes to Nikki and Brie Bella's pregnancies, the similarities are starting to stack up -- even more than they have already. In fact, we now know that Nikki and Brie conceived at the same place, so how's that for a coincidence? Then again, these twins have always been extremely close, so why would this big moment in their lives be any different? 

  • On a recent episode of their podcast, Nikki and Brie got real about their pregnancies. 

    According to what Nikki said, she and fiancé Artem Chigvintsev were visiting Brie and her husband, Daniel Bryan, after finding out that she had PCOS and might need a little bit of science to be able to conceive, so they started getting busy right away -- two nights in a row, in fact. 

    “I go to the doctor, I find out that I have very high testosterone and very low estrogen and I have PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome]. … They told me that the day I would want to have babies, I probably would actually need help. I was in the discussion of freezing my eggs," she said on their Bellas Podcast, according to Us Weekly. "By the way, I love it because it happened at Brie and Bryan’s house, but whatever. It was while we were staying with you guys.”

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  • And since Brie, well, lives in her own house, it's not surprising that she conceived her baby there too. 

    “Should we have our babies at my house too?” Brie joked, but it's pretty apparent that's gonna be a no go, judging from the way that Nikki responded, saying that was "sick." 

    These ladies love doing a lot of things together, but it appears that giving birth won't be one of them. And honestly, that's probably for the best, even though we are looking forward to seeing their newborns hanging out, side by side.

  • These sisters have been all about sharing the pregnancy updates.

    It was just a couple of weeks ago that Nikki took to Instagram to share her ultrasound photo, letting fans know how excited she is to be a mom.

    "I was definitely shocked when I found out. And so nervous!" she wrote at the time. "I wasn’t expecting it and felt I wasn’t ready but this journey of life is unpredictable. I thank God every day and night for bringing this amazing blessing and miracle into my life! I am already SO IN LOVE!!"

  • Although this child will be Nikki's first, Brie's will be her second baby. 

    Brie and Daniel already have one daughter together, Birdie, who will turn 3 this year in May -- not long before she'll become a big sister and a big cousin for the very first time. From social media alone, it's clear that she's close with her aunt Nikki, giving the expecting mom plenty of practice before her own little one arrives later this year.

    These celebrity moms must be so excited!

  • We can't wait for Nikki and Bella to share more details. 

    No matter what the circumstances are, it's always exciting to find out that a favorite celeb is pregnant, but in Nikki and Brie's case, it seems extra special, being that not only are they twins, but they get to experience pregnancy (and new babies) together on the same timeline. This must be such a wonderful time for them, and we love seeing it all unfold. Congrats again to these two!

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