Kellan Lutz & Wife Reveal Devastating Pregnancy Loss at 6 Months

Kellan Lutz, Brittany Gonzales

Here's a celebrity pregnancy update that we wish never had to happen. In an emotional instagram post he shared on Thursday, Kellan Lutz revealed that he and his wife lost their pregnancy at six months, opening up about the emotions they've both been experiencing as they received the news this week. 

It's absolutely heartbreaking that Kellan's family is going through this right now. 

  • Kellan shared a black and white photo of wife Brittany Gonzales on Instagram, calling her his "Wonder Woman." 

    "It's been a crazy rollercoaster of a week with a lot of emotions," the Twilight alum wrote. "Taking heartbrokenness to a whole new level but Grateful for these past 6 months and the journey itself. In life we might not get the answers to all of our questions but we will always remain faithful!" 

    He went on to thank his fans and followers for their support.

    "Thank you all for all your love, respect in this private time, understanding of this situation, and utmost support!" he added. "Just know we love you all and appreciate you all and we process all differently. Can’t wait to see our baby girl in Heaven when God calls us home." 

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  • Brittany also shared the heartbreaking news with an Instagram post of her own. 

    Sharing the same black and white photo of her baby bump, Brittany wrote: 

    Baby girl, it was my absolute honor and pleasure to be your mom these last 6 months. I did my best and it was an absolute joy seeing your little face all those times on that screen and feeling your tiny kicks. I don’t know why it happened the way it did, but part of me finds so much peace knowing you never experienced pain or heartache and never will. You’re in the arms of Jesus now and one day we will get to meet you for real. Until I see you in heaven... your mommy loves you so much. 

    Brittany also thanked people for their support, noting that she may not ever be ready to talk about what happened. And considering how difficult a pregnancy loss is -- especially so far along --  it makes sense that she's taking time to process all of this. 

  • Kellan and Brittany first announced their pregnancy back in November.

    They shared the news with fans by posting this photo on Instagram, posing with a tiny denim jacket that matched the ones they were wearing in order to represent the baby. At the time, they didn't share many details about their pregnancy -- just that they were excited.

    "Can’t wait to meet you Little Lutz!" Brittany wrote in her caption. 

  • Brittany also updated fans about her pregnancy pretty frequently. 

    Over the holidays, Brittany and Kellan went on a babymoon to Fiji, where she shared plenty of bump photos, including this one. 

    "How can someone be so in love with someone they’ve never met in person?" she wrote. "Turns out, it’s pretty easy!" 

    It was clear that she was so excited to welcome her little one. 

  • We'll be thinking of Kellan and Brittany at this difficult time. 

    We know that none of this will be easy for them, but hopefully, they're able to lean on each other and their friends and family as they try to get through this -- and that the social media break they both said they're taking will do them both some good. In the meantime, we hope they're taking the time they need to process the news and that they're able to get the privacy they're asking for. 

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