Shawn Johnson Defends Video of Her 3-Month-Old's 'First Flip'

Shawn Johnson, Drew East

Since welcoming her last year, Shawn Johnson has been all about sharing daughter Drew East's big moments on social media, but the latest is causing a bit of a controversy. Shawn shared Drew's "first flips" on Instagram, and now, she's having to defend her choices as a mother. 

The mom-shaming is real over here, y'all! 

  • Shawn shared a sweet video of baby Drew flipping on the beach.

    And by "flipping," we mean Shawn was holding her the whole time, and it's actually a pretty sweet video. Despite Shawn's caption that pointed out how safe she was in an attempt to get ahead of the mom shamers, they still came in -- and in full force, too. 

    Such is life as a celebrity mom

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  • One commenter told Shawn that she's a bit "rough" handling her baby, and Shawn wasn't having it. 

    Instagram comment

    Points were made here! Shawn Johnson is the only one who knows how her baby is cared for. No one else is living with her and husband Andrew East, so they can't say for sure based solely on what she chooses to share on social media. 

    Besides, does this commenter know how hard it is to keep socks on a baby? Almost impossible!

  • On her Instagram story, Shawn went on to share her feelings about comments like this one. 

    Although the post has since disappeared, according to Us Weekly, Shawn said: 

    "All of us mamas are doing the best that we can. We’re trying, we’re crying, we’re pushing our way through it, so you guys should celebrate all of the mamas out there. If you have advice, try to say it in a very kind way because, let’s be real, none of us know what in the heck we’re doing and we’re all just trying to figure it out. Be kind. … Stop picking on our little babies, OK?"

  • Fans are on Shawn's side for this one.

    Facebook comments

    Like these commenters said, Shawn had her eyes (and hands) on baby Drew the entire time -- and there were absolutely no incidents. At least, not in the video that Shawn shared, anyway. We think we can give her a pass for this one. Shawn is so sweet with her daughter, and this baby is clearly healthy, happy, and well taken care of, which is what matters most. 

  • Hopefully, Shawn doesn't let the haters get her down.

    As far as we can tell, this lady is an amazing mom, and Drew is one lucky baby to have her. And who knows? Maybe when Drew is an Olympian herself one day, she'll love having this video of her first flip to look back on. 

    Anything can happen! 

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