Nikki Bella Shares Sonogram of Her First Child After Announcing Pregnancy

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Nikki Bella
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Earlier this week, the stars of Total Bellas dropped some pretty exciting news: Nikki and Brie Bella are both pregnant! (They're due just two weeks apart.) And now, we're getting a bit more of a glimpse into what's happening for them behind the scenes. Nikki has shared an ultrasound photo of her baby, and it's clear this future celebrity mom couldn't be more pumped to meet her little one later this year. 

  • Brie & Nikki shared the good news in an interview with People this week.

    Brie is expecting her second baby with husband Daniel Bryan, whereas this will be Nikki's first baby with her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev. Neither of them were truly expecting to be pregnant -- although Brie admitted she and Daniel had been trying for months -- but they're both over the moon about the news, especially because their babies will be so close in age. 

    What are the chances?!

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  • In a post Nikki shared Wednesday, she offered up shots from her People shoot with Brie, as well as an ultrasound pic. 

    "I can't even begin to describe to all of you how happy I am! I'M GOING TO BE A MOM!!" she wrote. "It's something I have wanted to be my whole life. I was definitely shocked when I found out. And so nervous! I wasn't expecting it and felt I wasn't ready but this journey of life is unpredictable." 

    Nikki Bella also shared that she's now 13 weeks pregnant, and it hasn't been an easy one for her. Not only did she say she was pretty sick in the first trimester, but she's also battled the flu, which is no joke -- even for people who aren't expecting. 

    She's one tough mama! 

  • Nikki also wrote about what it means to be able to share this experience with her sister. 

    "This life just wants you and I to be twinning at everything we do lol and even though we were shocked, beyond shocked, here’s another journey that I am so grateful to God to have you by my side," she continued. "You have already been the best teacher!" 

    It really is so sweet that she and Brie get to do this together, and they both seem totally excited for the experience. 

  • We can't wait to follow along with the rest of Brie and Nikki's pregnancies.

    Knowing these two, there will never be a dull moment -- and their little ones being the same age and growing up together has to be something they're looking forward to watching so much.

    Congratulations again to these ladies. They have quite an adventure ahead of them! 

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