Audrey Roloff Shares Photo of Ember 'Pumping' Breast Milk To Feed Her Baby Doll

Ember Roloff, Audrey Roloff

Like mother, like daughter -- especially where Audrey Roloff and her little girl, Ember Roloff, are concerned! Recently, Audrey shared that Ember was pumping breast milk for her doll, as we're sure she's seen her mama do for her brand-new little brother, Bode, over the last few weeks. This is just too sweet ... and goes to show how much kiddos really are watching their parents -- even when we're not looking.

  • Audrey took to Instagram Stories to share a photo of Ember in the bathtub, and it's just too precious.

    Using her bath toy as a breast pump on one side with a baby on the other? This looks like something she's observed her mom do before for sure! We certainly are glad that Ember has an awesome role model like mama Audrey Roloff to look up to, because even at just 2 years old, she obviously wants to do everything her mom does. 

    What a sweetie!

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  • Audrey also took the opportunity to share a new photo of her with her kiddos ... and her feelings about Kobe Bryant's unexpected passing.

    We're still trying to process the loss of Kobe and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, after their tragic helicopter accident over the weekend, and it sounds as if it's really made Audrey think about how Kobe's wife, Vanessa, might be feeling right now.

    "Feeling extra grateful for the simplest moments like this one," Audrey wrote. "I cannot imagine the grief of losing my husband AND a child. Just the thought of it is unbearable. I’ve been thinking since I heard the news yesterday about the helicopter crash, how social media has enabled us to share in the grief and mourning of those we don’t personally know."

  • She also went on to say that she loves the way social media has helped open up more people to showing compassion when something like this happens.

    Audrey wrote

    "As much as this platform has its pitfalls, one thing I love most about it is it’s ability to move our hearts towards compassion. It gives us an opportunity to 'mourn with those who mourn,' to pray for those we don’t personally know, to honor legacy, and take inventory of how we are living our own fragile lives. I don’t know about you but it seems like the heartache I’ve seen in my social media feed these past couple months has increased -- tragic accidents, miscarriages, terminal illness, children taken too soon, devastating fires, and more." ⁣⁣

    But in the end, she added the way she copes with it all: "I’ve struggled to find the right response, and in my questioning and praying and heart aching, I’ve paused long enough to to listen to God."

  • It's hard to know how to feel in times like this, but we love Audrey's positive outlook -- and the adorable things she shares on Instagram. 

    No matter what kind of day we're having, we'll never turn down the chance to see what her and her little ones are up to on our feeds, including those sweet shots of Ember taking after her mom. A little positivity is what we need right now, and we're glad Audrey continues to spread it. 

    She's doing a great job raising two precious little ones.