Tori Roloff Reveals the Sweet Meaning Behind Baby Lilah's Name

Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff with Lilah Roloff

When it comes to sharing about baby Lilah, proud mama Tori Roloff has been all about it on Instagram -- and now, she's answering fans' questions, including one with a pretty cool answer. Tori explained the meaning behind Lilah's name, and even though all parents put a lot of thought into what they'll name their baby, the story behind what she chose for her daughter is too sweet. 

  • First, fans asked some questions about Tori being a mom of two. 

    Not only did Tori Roloff confirm that Lilah is a little person -- just like Tori's husband, Zach, and their first son, Jackson -- but she also shared that she's loving being a mom of two. It's good to hear that she lucked out with two easy little ones. 

    Sometimes, it just works out that way! 

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  • Then, she shared why she and Zach chose to name their newest daughter Lilah Ray. 

    Lilah is a beautiful name, but we didn't know that her middle name came from Tori's side of the family! What a sweet way to include the men in her life -- we know they had to love it.

    And when we put it all together, Lilah Ray Roloff is a pretty cute name. 

    Way to go, Tori!

  • Tori also opened up about her C-section, too. 

    Looks like she and her docs made the best call for Lilah's health, and in the end, it all ended up working out. Both baby and mama were healthy, and that's the goal, right? Although postpartum recovery isn't easy (just ask Tori's sister-in-law, Audrey Roloff, who's recovering from the birth of her second child), as far as we can tell, so far Tori's doing a great job.

  • Lilah's the cutest little girl, and we love all her mom's updates.

    So far, it seems as if Tori and Zach are doing well as a family of four -- and Jackson and Lilah are the sweetest siblings

    Here's hoping Tori does more Q&As like this in the future. We love that she's so open to sharing about her life and her experiences so honestly.