Audrey Roloff Is Melting Hearts Everywhere With New Pics of Baby Bode

Audrey Roloff

Well, it's official, everyone: Audrey Roloff's baby boy, Bode James Roloff, is the cutest ever. Need proof? Don't worry. We have plenty of it now that Audrey's been sharing more and more photos of her baby boy on Instagram. Recently, she posted some seriously sweet pics of Bode on her story, and we can't ooh and ahh over them enough.

  • In one of the shots, Bode is fast asleep. 

    Look at that chic black onesie and white socks! We have to wonder exactly how long Bode kept those tiny socks on his feet ... unless Audrey knows a trick we don't to getting babies not to kick their socks off.

    And just look at that stretch! 

    Too cute.

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  • In another photo, Bode's still sleeping, but in a different outfit this time.

    This little guy is swaddled to the gills! Yeah, so he's mixing patterns -- that's OK. He totally pulls it off, although we can't imagine any outfit Bode Roloff wouldn't look completely adorable in. 

    We can't get enough of that face and those cheeks. This is one cute baby boy.

  • Bode's officially two weeks old now, and it seems like his mama is loving every second of it. 

    He fits in so well with the rest of his family already that it's hard to remember life before him ... and we have a feeling his mom and dad probably feel the same way.

    Audrey definitely hasn't had it easy since Bode was born. After all, not only did she come down with mastitis, but she also had some postpartum struggles to cope with, like all moms do -- but looking at this adorable face has to help at least a little bit.

  • Keep these Instagram Stories coming, Audrey. 

    We love seeing Bode change day by day. He's already grown so much since Audrey and Jeremy brought him home two weeks ago. Even if he's just snoozing (and showing off his new outfits) we wanna see it all. This little guy is just too cute.