Tori Roloff's Baby Pic Will Have Fans Guessing If It's Her or Lilah

Tori Roloff, Jackson Roloff, Lilah Roloff

Another day, another adorable photo of Tori Roloff's baby girl, Lilah Roloff -- and this time, we're really getting to see how much this mom and daughter really do look alike. In photos Tori shared on her Instagram story, it's hard to tell the difference between the two ... and we have a feeling this resemblance will only get stronger as the future Little People, Big World star gets older.

  • Tori took to Instagram Stories to have fans guess whether the baby is her (from back in the day) or Lilah.

    Any guesses? Welp, here's a hint: This photo looks like it was taken back in the day (think '90s), so if you guessed this baby is Tori Roloff during her goo-goo-gah-gah-days, you're right.

    Tori grew up to be a pretty good-looking adult, so we're not surprised in the least -- and we can definitely see where both Lilah and Jackson get their good looks!

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  • The "Little People, Big World" star also shared photos of her and Lilah side by side. 

    This isn't the first similarity we've seen between Lilah and Tori, though. Recently, Tori shared a photo of Lilah wearing Tori's coming home outfit -- like, the exact same one she wore as a baby when her parents brought her home for the hospital. 

    Too cute! 

  • The one big difference between the two? Tori has a birthmark, while Lilah doesn't. 

    In another post on Instagram Stories, Tori explained that she still has that same birthmark ... it's just a lot harder to see these days. "I never had my birthmark removed. It got smaller and fainter as I grew," she explained. "By the time I was 4/5 it wasn't really noticeable." 

    Now, we don't see it at all! But with or without the birthmark, Tori's beautiful. 

  • We can't wait to see if Lilah continues to take after her mom as she gets older.

    These two already have such a sweet bond, and they're just getting started.

    We definitely wouldn't be opposed to more baby pictures of the two of them, especially as Lilah gets bigger. After all, this is one good-looking family!