Audrey Roloff's Story Time Videos of Ember With Baby Bode Are the Cutest

Audrey Roloff, Ember Roloff

We've known Audrey Roloff was a great mom for a long time, and now, we know that her daughter, Ember, is already a great big sister. This week, Audrey shared videos of Ember and baby Bode at bedtime, and they're just so cute together. We don't know if Audrey prepared her for her new sister duties or what, but Ember Roloff is killing it. 

  • In the videos, Ember and Bode are both sitting on dad Jeremy's lap, reading at bedtime.

    At first, Ember's totally concentrating on the book, but pretty quickly, her focus shifts to her baby brother. She seems determined to take care of him, forgetting about bedtime stories, not that we're surprised! 

    In the hospital, when Bode and Ember met, she wanted to sing Baby Shark to him. Those big sister instincts are coming in hot!

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  • At one point, Ember tries to cover Bode with a blanket. 

    Gotta make sure he's warm, right? Jeremy Roloff seems so proud of her, too, which is super sweet. Ember might only be 2, but she's such a caring little girl.

    And that's not all ... 

  • Later on, Ember also gave her brother a smooch. 

    Such a sweet kiddo! She also made sure to mention how cozy her baby brother was, which is clearly an important factor when it comes to bedtime -- especially in January. 

    If Audrey and Jeremy were worried the kids wouldn't be able to get along, we hope they've seen for themselves that they truly had nothing to fear! The love that Ember's showing speaks volumes to what she's learned from mom and dad. 

  • Looks like this brother and sister are already best friends. 

    We know that bond is only going to grow once Bode Roloff's a little bigger and can interact with Ember more. Once he's walking and talking, we have a feeling that Audrey and Jeremy are definitely going to have a couple of troublemakers on their hands.

    More pics and videos, please!