Ashley Graham Bares All in New Baby Bump Photo as She Gets Closer to Her Due Date

Ashley Graham

As Ashley Graham gets closer to her due date with her first child, she's sharing even more photos of her baby bump! Recently, Ashley took to Instagram to share a new maternity pic, and she's not holding back on this one.

Seriously, we can't get over how gorgeous she is. How does she do it?! 

  • In the photo, Ashley seems to be fully nude, cloaked only in shadows. 

    "Beside myself with excitement to meet you, lil man," the expectant mom wrote in her caption. 

    WOW -- she looks stunning! And what's also impressive is that Ashley said husband Justin Ervin is the one who took the photo. He's got some serious skills behind the camera! 

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  • Fans are showing Ashley all the love on this photo. 

    Facebook comments

    Well, of course they are -- it's a beautiful pic. Considering all of the other breathtaking maternity photos that Ashley's shared so far, it's no surprise that she also hit this one out of the park. 

    Then again, Ashley Graham does do this sort of thing for a living, but she still gets all the credit for being the beautiful mama-to-be that she is.

  • On her Instagram story, Ashley shared a video of her baby moving in her belly. 

    We already know that Ashley's having a baby boy who is due sometime this month, so it's no wonder that he's getting a little restless. And according to mom-to-be's caption on this video, she's getting a bit restless about it all too! 

    Looks like she'll be meeting her baby sooner rather than later, and we're ready for all the updates.

  • We can't wait to see Ashley become a mom very soon. 

    Judging by how good-looking his parents are, this is going to be one beautiful baby. 

    We're sending Ashley all the positive vibes for a safe and happy delivery. If anyone needs us, we'll be checking her Insta every five minutes to see if the little guy's been born yet!

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